Best XP farming locations in the New World

As you progress in New World, you’ll level up at a rapid pace. But once you hit around level 25 or so, your ability to level slows down with the amount of XP that’s required. If you’re struggling to rank up, here are the best XP farming locations in New World to boost your player XP in no time.

The best places to farm XP in New World

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New world Level cap is 60which means you must have accumulated 1,165,770 XP to achieve the maximum, which is by no means a trifle. While completing the main story and side quests is the best way to earn XP, you also earn a decent amount through battleswhich you need to farm if you want to reach the level cap as quests won’t get you there.

Play with PVP mode enabled and be in a faction increases your player XP yield at 10%so make sure you have it activated to gain as much experience as possible in battles and skirmishes.

Here are the best places to farm player XP in New World:


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For Level 25-35, Brightwood is a great place to get farming experience. you want to go Grautal and defeat enemies here until you reach level 30then go to brackish water And Lake Geneva – Brightwood Isle in particular – for the level 30-35 grind.

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Restless Shore

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Start at perseus in the northwest of Restless Shore. It is a Level 41 range, meaning it’s perfect for sanding out Levels 38-42. From here, travel southeast Minnow’s revenge and here take out enemies until you hit 45.


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you will find it Hibbotsfield North of mourning valley, left of Ramshead. Note that this is the case a level 50 area, So you should save this place for them grind 45-50. There are several fields full of level 50 enemies here that respawn frequently, making it one of the best places to get the last level streak.

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While there are a handful of places you could grind to level 60, Edenhain is ideal because it has areas ranging from Level 50 to 60. Start at Stained Cliffs and grind here until you reach level 52, then move south Profane seamwhere you can find a handful Level 54 and 55 Stains. Once at 56, head east sapterlite And Gripping peak in Wyrdwood Twists and defeat enemies until you reach what you desire level 60.

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