Big Brother 24: Nicole Layog worries about Daniel Durston

Nicole & Daniel


Nicole & Daniel

Season 24 houseguests Nicole Layog and Daniel Durston struck up an instant friendship at the Big Brother house. During the first week, the two formed an alliance called “The Rogue Rats” and vowed to put each other in the last two chairs.

Your game started strong. Nicole was very popular in the house and everyone seemed to know that Nicole and Daniel were a package deal. However, after a few weeks, house priorities began to shift, with Nicole and Daniel becoming prime targets.

The “Rogue Rats” were not only the target of the house, but also became the target of “Big Brother” Twitter.

The two received significant backlash online for their behavior around the house, particularly the treatment of their roommate, Taylor Hale.

In a recent Interview with CinemablendNicole, who was evicted last week, revealed she is worried for Daniel and hopes he will be able to deal with the backlash once he leaves home.

Here’s what you need to know.

Nicole worries about Daniel after witnessing media reaction

If all goes according to plan, Daniel will be leaving the ‘Big Brother’ house tonight during the live eviction episode.

In recent weeks, Daniel has received backlash from fans on Twitter who felt his behavior inside the house was inappropriate.

One incident seemed to upset fans the most. On the July 27 episode of “Big Brother,” Daniel started a fight with Taylor seemingly out of nowhere.

The Elvis impersonator told Taylor not to speak to him until the finale, blaming her for Paloma Aguilar’s spontaneous exit from the show.

At Nicole’s Interview with Cinemablend, She shared that she is concerned about how Daniel will handle the backlash after his elimination.

“I’m worried about him,” she told the outlet. “I’ve obviously heard some backlash regarding him already and most of my questions to the media have all been about me and Daniel’s gameplay and what we were doing.”

“I hope he’s able to accept it and I hope he’s able to see the bigger picture and not just his experience and really see how things have affected Taylor,” she continued. “That’s one thing I realized, her feelings are valid and she’s close to my heart and I want to be able to connect with her about it and I hope he does too.”

Season 23 winner Xavier Prather wants to get rid of the backdoor

Tonight’s episode of Big Brother will feature the second backdoor of the season.

The backdoor strategy was the first introduced in “Big Brother 5” when it was used to get Jase Wirey out of the house.

The backdoor strategy is simple. The HOH nominates two pawns for the eviction, keeping his or her target off the block. This move reduces the chance that the target will have an opportunity to enter the veto contest and save itself.

While some fans love the backdoor strategy, others aren’t as impressed. One former houseguest who isn’t a fan of the backdoor plan is season 23 winner Xavier Prather.

In a July 2022 Interviewed by Entertainment WeeklyXavier said if he could change one aspect of “Big Brother,” it would be to get rid of the back door.

“I think all house guests should be allowed to participate in the veto contest every week,” he told the outlet. “Many potentially great ‘Big Brother’ players were eliminated due to the ‘backdoor’ strategy. I think it would be interesting to see how the social dynamics and overall gameplay strategy would change. It could herald a whole new era of “Big Brother.”

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