Biggest gameplay changes in Resident Evil 4 Remake

Resident Evil 4 changed the franchise with its stellar combat and focus on action set pieces. Many would say that moment-to-moment shooting is key to the game. The remake is ready to change the game again with a complete update. So what are the biggest gameplay changes in Resident Evil 4 Remake?

New gameplay in Resident Evil 4 Remake

Move and shoot

The obvious change is that Leon can now aim his sights down and fire his weapon while moving. This is the same change that was made in the Resident Evil 2 and 3 remakes. In these games, the player felt more powerful and capable, but it also increased the possibility of running into danger backwards. Moving while shooting in these remakes reduces the accuracy of each shot, making it still valuable to stand and shoot. That’s the biggest difference so far.

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change weapons

Not only can Leon use a weapon and walk at the same time, but he can also draw any weapon he needs, whenever he needs it. The original Resident Evil 4 required a trip to Leon’s briefcase every time you wanted to use a different weapon. For a game with limited ammo, multiple weapons with different use cases, and an overwhelmingly tense atmosphere, having to pause to switch weapons every few seconds was a huge imposition. This change allows the extended action scenes to continue without ever having to stop.

Leon’s knife

RE 4 players know how important the knife is. It’s the best way to kill enemies or open crates without wasting ammo. Any fan has probably knocked down an enemy and stabbed them a million times over. Leon’s all-important knife is now a resource that can be depleted. This seems to be the midpoint between RE 4’s knife and those burning through the players in RE 2 and 3. It can be used to instantly stop enemy grabs or finish off downed enemies. Running out of knives is an issue, but giving Leon more ways to use them makes the mechanic more complete.

fend off attacks

Enemies in RE 4 mostly only have a part of Leon’s HP removed, but they seem to be more vulnerable to continued attacks and fights. This mirrors other Resident Evil titles where almost every attack resulted in a quick escape event. Leon can escape a wrestling match by crushing in an emergency or using his knife. The most notable moment of this new mechanic comes when the chainsaw-wielding giant attacks. The moment before he slices Leon’s head from his shoulders, you can, like he’s done countless times before, hit a prompt to counter the weapon with Leon’s knife. Leon seems more powerful than ever.

New environmental hazards and tools

The world of RE 4 has always featured unique pickups and hanging collectibles. Now Leon can use parts of the environment for cover, difficult terrain, or to create a fireball. By shooting a hanging lantern, Leon can cause a massive fire and send a flaming cow raging through his enemies. You may have explored Resident Evil 4 a million times, but the remake shows that there are new mysteries to seek and discover.

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