BJJ Rolling Fundamentals that you shouldn’t Miss this 2022

We can get all caught up in all the new leg lock and shoulder crunch systems coming out recently, but if you don’t have your basics down, none of the other techniques will matter much. Here are some BJJ no-gi fundamentals that you need to master this 2022, so grab your no-gi gear, head on over to the mats and take a refresher course.


Maintain your side-mount by controlling the shoulders and the hips. Your opponent should not be able to face you when you are in sidemount. Always turn them away from you by using your crossface. Make sure that your shoulder is on their chin. If they try to do a hip escape, once they try to push you, go into a modified scarf hold position, or kesa gatame. Lift their near elbow while going into the position. Your hip should be near their hip to minimize space. There will be less friction as your opponent will be wearing fight shorts instead of the gi pants so hip to hip distance should be minimized!

Closed Guard

Keep on breaking your opponent’s posture when playing closed guard. Letting them carry your weight by pulling their head down. This will be a little bit easier in no gi since they are not allowed to grab your grappling shorts. Once the posture is broken, keep moving your hips laterally to threaten the armbar and back take!


If the opponent is able to trap your arm and leg while you are in mount, lean your weight to the opposite side where the arm and leg are trapped. This will prevent them from doing a reversal, and give you enough time to switch to a different position when they try to do a hip escape.

Back Mount Control or Rear Mount

One of the most dominant positions in Jiu Jitsu is the Back Mount or Rear Mount. Maintenance of this position is key to absolute domination. The seatbelt grip should be the main grip that holds the position down, while the hook on your opponent’s inner thigh supports the seatbelt grip. If the opponent is able to take out one hook, it may be a good idea to take out your other hook yourself, get to your knees, and put the hooks in once again.

Having a solid basic foundation is very important with regards to the progress of your game.

Repetitions and drilling are tools for you to get the reaction you need to execute the right movement. Don’t hesitate to get passed or submitted while you are experimenting or trying out these moves. If you’re not getting submitted in the gym, it means you’re not learning it right.

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