Boiling Point’s emotionally devastating ending explained

A number of films have been shot in one take over the years, by Russian Ark to Victoria.

The last one was a particularly stressful experience, but Boiling Point is perhaps even more so.

Directed by Philip Barantini, the film is set in an eventful evening at a prestigious restaurant, starring Stephen Graham. He is best known for starring in roles such as This is England, snapand The Irishman.

His performance as Chef Andy Jones has received unending acclaim, and thanks to its recent inclusion on Netflix, more viewers are finally watching the film.

Since the dive, some may be curious about the final act, so let’s explain the end of the boiling point.


Still from the Boiling Point trailer, Vertigo Releasing

The end of the boiling point explained

The pivotal moment in Boiling Point comes when a dinner guest suffers an allergic reaction after eating some of the food prepared at Jones & Sons.

Alastair – who Andy has previously worked with – sees this as an opportunity to get involved and encourages Andy to let Carly take the fall so he can take her place as the restaurant’s partner.

The woman, suffering from the reaction, is taken to the hospital and the nervous staff argue that they are unsure whether or not she could die. A fight breaks out in the back of the kitchen and Andy gets a beating over his recent alcoholism and troublesome work behavior.

Andy also reveals that the allergic reaction was his fault because he told one of the chefs to use a walnut oil side dish, not knowing it was going to end up on the plate of someone who had previously reported their allergies in the kitchen .

A frustrated Carly can’t take it anymore and gives up. Overwhelmed, Andy turns to alcohol and drugs before assuring his family he will be going to rehab. However, Andy soon collapses and the staff rush to him, demanding that an ambulance be called.

The film then ends, leaving his fate ambiguous.

“It’s loosely based on my life”

Ultimately, the ending serves as a warning of the repercussions many may face if they continue down the path Andy has set out on.

In conversation with the BFIdirector Phil Barantini opened up on the meaning of the film:

“Because I’ve written this and it’s loosely based on my life and the people I know, I think I have sympathy for everyone [the characters]. But mostly for Andy because I’ve been through it and I know there are other people going through the same thing.”

He even added that someone emailed him the following after seeing the film: “I’ve been a chef for many years. My wife and I just had a baby. I saw the film and it made me go and hand in my resignation today. Because I just saw myself in that character and I don’t want to be found sprawled on the floor.”

Where the crayfish sing | Official trailer



Where the crayfish sing | Official trailer





A sensational ensemble

Perhaps one of the reasons Boiling Point works so well is that the cast is so brilliant at conveying the fast-paced and unpredictable rhythm of the restaurant industry.

Check out the cast below:

  • Stephen Graham as Andy Jones
  • Vinette Robinson as Carly
  • Alice Feetham as Beth
  • Hannah Walters as Emily
  • Malachi Kirby as Tony
  • Izuka Hoyle as Camille
  • Taz Skylar as Billy
  • Lauryn Ajufo as Andrea
  • Jason Flemyng as Alastair Skye
  • Ray Panthaki as Freeman
  • Lourdes Faberes as Sara Southworth
  • Aine Rose Daly as Robyn

Boiling Point is now streaming on Netflix.

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