Briana DeJesus claims the ‘Teen Mom’ crew ‘hates’ working with Kailyn Lowry

Briana and Kailyn


Briana and Kailyn

In June 2021, Kailyn Lowry sued her “Teen Mom” ​​co-star, Briana DeJesus, after she alleged that Lowry “physically” hit her baby daddy, Chris Lopez.

Now DeJesus claims the Teen Mom crew “hates” working with Lowry.

In an excerpt of DeJesus’ statement dated March 7, 2021, the reality star wrote:

“I overheard conversations within the crew filming with me, whether they were on their lunch break or just gossiping while smoking a cigarette. I overheard some conversations and how most of the crew hate working with Kail and they would go into detail about the things she did to the crew. And she’s not that nice. And yes, they pretty much say things. It’s at my house, so I’m listening. It’s on my property. I’m here. I can hear everything.”

This isn’t the first time Lowry has been involved in drama with the Teen Mom production team. In 2018 she fired Producer JC Cueva after the reunion show— Lowry later took to Twitter to explain why.

On August 6, 2018, Lowry wrote on Twitter: “If you really want to know, this whole episode is a big reason I fired jc. What they didn’t show. #teenagemom2.”

during the episode, Lowry was at odds with DeJesus and claimed she texted the producers asking them to separate them if anything physical happened during filming. Based on her tweets, Lowry felt the producers didn’t intervene as they should. at one point, she tweeted, “But have you all seen the security that holds back the bone? Jc made this possible #teenmom2.”

Here’s what you need to know:

DeJesus & Lowry have been locked in a nasty legal war for months

DeJesus and Lowry’s legal battle began in June 2021. According to court filings obtained by The SunLowry claimed that DeJesus “alleged that Lowry physically struck Christopher Lopez, the father of two of Lowry’s sons, and broke into and entered Mr. Lopez’s mother’s home.”

In response, Lowry’s team wrote that DeJesus made the statements only “to harm Lowry… The defendant used Lowry to gain additional media attention for herself.” Lowry also wrote that DeJesus “has a history of making false public statements about Lowry’s family life.” according to The Sun.

Lowry added that DeJesus’ allegations were made against her “impairs” their ability to earn an income.

Court filings obtained by The Sun referenced an Instagram post about DeJesus’s allegations, tagging Lowry’s sponsors and employers. Lowry officials wrote: “The Post disrupts and harms Lowry’s profession, vocation, business and employment. To the best of our knowledge and belief, Lowry’s sponsors, as well as the sponsors of her podcasts, are aware of the allegations made in the post.”

DeJesus was asked by Lowry’s attorney to define “WAP.”

Amid the legal drama between Lowry and DeJesus, the latter was asked to define the word “WAP.”

A section of the statement referred to an interview with Celebrity from September 2020:

And I’m sure the rumors about Chris and I will fuel your fire, but you heard it from the mouth of the source here. Chris and I are not and never will be an object. I really don’t want any part of anything that has touched Kail’s WAP. Whatever is between her and her little daddies, including those who hit and cheat on her, is between her. I’m over everything that concerns her.’

When DeJesus was asked by the attorney’s attorney what a “WAP” was, she replied, “Wait. What?”

DeJesus continued, “I’m sorry. It’s a bit weird, but WAP – sorry. It’s not meant to be funny,” DeJesus said during the testimony. “WAP is wet a** p****. I am sorry. It’s kind of a Cardi B song. It’s kind of a trend; it’s one thing.” Briana DeJesus claims the ‘Teen Mom’ crew ‘hates’ working with Kailyn Lowry

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