Buccal fat removal? Twitter criticizes the new plastic surgery trend

Twitter users join the timeline to discuss the latest plastic surgery trend: buccal fat removal. In particular, many are slamming the procedure by pointing out some of its downsides and highlighting the drastic difference it can make.

WTF is buccal fat removal?

According to that American Society of Plastic Surgeonsthe procedure is designed to “thin” the cheeks by removing a patient’s buccal fat pads.

“The goal of buccal fat removal is to thin the cheeks, particularly in the buccal area… Buccal fat removal removes the buccal fat pad, a naturally occurring fat pad in the area of ​​the cheek cavities. The size of the buccal fat pad varies in each individual patient, and the buccal fat pad in each cheek can vary in size.”

It also notes that “removing the fat can make the face look more gaunt with age.” For now, however, it’s still a hot trend that’s garnered some attention on Twitter recently.

Social media users view the procedure from the side

A big conversation about buccal fat removal soon began, with many slamming the trend towards surgery. A multitude of people have simply dismissed the procedure as “the new arbitrary beauty standard” to keep up with.

In particular, the discussion of the trend also led to the “round-faced milk-fed girls” banding together.

Critics also debated that while everyone is talking about this trend right now, it may not always be the case. This is especially true given the above-mentioned statement by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons that people’s faces “may appear gaunt as they age.”

Lea Michele was also thrown into the mix when critics pointed to some recent photos of her to shadow the proceedings.

That joy The actress wasn’t alone, however, as other stars were thrown into the mix.

As for these celebs, one reviewer hilariously likened them to “Handsome Squidward.” SpongeBob SquarePants. Who doesn’t love a good thing Spongebob A notice?

There were also many other humorous additions to the conversation.

Others, however, were completely over the subject, although it didn’t do much to quell the excitement.

What are your thoughts on buccal fat removal and the discourse surrounding the procedure? Also, do you think it’s just a fad that will die out soon, or can you foresee that the procedure will endure?

https://theshaderoom.com/buccal-fat-removal-critics-discuss-why-celebs-may-need-to-stop-this-latest-plastic-surgery-trend/ Buccal fat removal? Twitter criticizes the new plastic surgery trend

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