Candace Cameron fired for comments about ‘traditional marriage’


The Dancing With the Stars season 18 finalists.

Full House star and Dancing With the Stars season 18 finalist Candace Cameron Bure gave one Interview with the Wall Street Journal on November 14, in which she explained why she left Hallmark Channel, where she had starred in films and television shows for over a decade.

The self-proclaimed “Queen of Christmas” (it is on her Instagram profile) said her new home for Christmas movies, Great American Family (GAC), suited her better because it “will[s] believe programming. But she also referenced Hallmark’s recent decision to host LGTBQ holiday comedy, praising GAC’s focus on “traditional marriages,” and people aren’t happy about it.

GAC believes Christian content is “grossly underserved” in entertainment

In the Wall Street Journal interview, the Dancing With the Stars third-place winner said she left Hallmark and joined GAC because she knew “the people behind Great American Family were Christians who love the Lord and love the Lord.” Faith programming and good family entertainment.”

Bill Abbott, managing director of Great American Media, commented that “faith-based content is grossly underserved” and that Bure is “the key element” of what they’re trying to do.

“We’re really here to spread joy and spread love and happy, good feelings,” she said of GAC’s intent, adding, “I think Great American Family will keep traditional marriage at the heart of their holiday movies.

She declined to specifically address her departure from Hallmark, citing a “change in leadership” that makes it a “completely different network” than when it started. Abbott was a former CEO of Hallmark’s parent company who joined GAC in 2021.

When The Wall Street Journal asked Abbott about films about LGBTQ couples, he said they were “aware of today’s trends” and that “there’s no whiteboard that says, ‘Yes, that’ or ‘No, we will never go here’ .’”

Bure also said of her first GAC Christmas film, Destined at Christmas, which premiered Oct. 22 that she believes people of all faiths can enjoy the message.

“I want to be able to tell that story in a beautiful way, but also in a way that doesn’t scare off the non-believer or someone who shares a different belief,” Bure said.

Meanwhile, a Hallmark spokesperson told the WSJ, “We want all viewers to find themselves in our programming, and everyone is welcome.”

To be clear, Hallmark isn’t suddenly being overwhelmed by LGBTQ vacation movies. Of the hundreds of Christmas movies made over the years, there have only been a handful. In 2021, the network had two movies with gay characters, The Christmas House and Mix Up in the Mediterranean, but neither movie starred the gay character.

In 2022 there will be a film that focuses on a same-sex couple. Starring Dancing With the Stars alum Jonathan Bennett and actor George Krissa, The Holiday Sitter follows a man named Sam who finds romance with his niece and nephew’s handsome neighbor whom he is dating takes care of during the holidays.

Fans are not happy with the “traditional marriage” comment.

Social media began to light up shortly after the Wall Street Journal article was published, in which people called Bure a fanatic for her comment on “traditional marriage.”

“This is your annual reminder that Candace Cameron is a terrible person” wrote a fan on Twitter. “I could say something funny, but I’ll just say fuck off.”

“Personally, I love seeing LGBTQA romance in typical movies. Bye Candace Cameron Bure, wrote another fan.

“I’ve said it before and I’ll proudly say it again… F*** Candace Cameron Furee!!!!” wrote third fan.

“Candace Cameron Bure is a special kind of stupid” wrote another fan.

Many fans consider it hypocritical to espouse the teachings of Jesus, whose fundamental message was love and acceptance while excluding a whole group of people. And several fans commented that they like holiday movies with gay characters.

“I’ve seen hundreds of Christmas movies. The recent trend by Hallmark (finally) and other production companies to tell more diverse and inclusive stories has resulted in better movies!” wrote a fan on Twitter.

“This hypocritical, bigoted ‘Christian’ is an A$$hole,” wrote another fan.

“Thank you for showing the true ‘Christian’ that you are! Nothing but “traditional” families and nothing but “Christian” holiday movies on GAC…no Hanukkah, no Kwanza. Some love you show there! NOT! And what would Jesus do??? Don’t show the insidious, subliminal hatred you represent! Love thy neighbor, Candace! Not just the white straight Christians!!” wrote A fan on Instagram.

Other added“Nobody wants your signature on a prayer if you’re homophobic and think Christmas movies shouldn’t represent everyone.”

A spectator by Christian Hallmark wrote on Facebook, “I am a Christian and I believe love is love and I endorse the development of Hallmark. It’s about changing the media for equality. That she uses Christianity as an excuse is wrong in my opinion.”

Bure’s reps did not immediately respond to Heavy’s request for comment.

Some fans say Bure is entitled to their opinion

There are also many fans who think Bure is right or simply that she is entitled to her opinion.

“I support Candace Cameron. We all have the right to choose our path and our values.” wrote a fan on Facebook.

“I was SHOCKED by the recent Hallmark film that starred a gay couple. That was the last time I watched this channel! I prayed for you that day because I knew your work environment was changing. The LGBTQ+ community is actually VERY small (6% to 12%), but most think it’s a lot bigger because they get so much attention. There is a higher concentration of Christians in the US, but they are rarely portrayed on television, and when they are, it is often in a demeaning manner. Glad you found a new home station where your talent can glorify God! Sooo grateful that Bill Abbott hasn’t given up on delivering quality, inspirational shows. He was right about the Hallmark commercial.” wrote another fan.

“You can’t blame her for sticking to her beliefs. She has as much right to her beliefs as anyone else.” wrote a third fan.

“Good for them … Christians are as free of our faith as anyone else. The beauty of being a free country is that you can choose whether you want to watch or not. Stop being offended by everyone else’s beliefs and move on.” wrote another fan.

“Good to her. It’s hard to be a true Christian today, especially in the entertainment business where you have to comply or get rejected. It’s brave to take a stand like that, and I applaud her and Abbott for having the courage to do so.” said a fifth fan.

Dancing With the Stars airs Mondays at 8 p.m. Eastern and 5 p.m. Pacific Time on Disney Plus. Candace Cameron fired for comments about ‘traditional marriage’

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