Cannabis-derived CBD offers new hope for toothache relief

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Researchers at Rutgers have made a major breakthrough in relieving toothache.

Their study, published in the Journal of Dental Research, shows that cannabidiol (CBD), a non-addictive component of marijuana, can effectively relieve acute toothache.

This discovery marks a major shift in pain treatment and offers a potential alternative to opioid painkillers, which are known for their addictive properties.

The study, led by Vanessa Chrepa, an associate professor at Rutgers School of Dental Medicine, involved 61 participants with severe tooth pain. These people were randomly assigned to receive either two doses of the FDA-approved pure CBD solution Epidiolex or a placebo.

The team used a visual analogue scale (VAS) to measure pain levels over three hours. Notably, those who received CBD experienced significantly greater pain reduction compared to the placebo group, with approximately 85% reporting a 50% reduction in pain.

Another key finding was improvement in bite force in CBD users, suggesting improvement in dental function. This aspect is particularly beneficial for patients whose toothache affects their ability to chew.

Potentials and limits

Although the results are promising, the study has certain limitations, such as the small sample size. Side effects such as sedation, diarrhea and abdominal pain were more common in the CBD groups.

Despite these issues, the results are encouraging enough to consider pure CBD solutions like Epidiolex for treating toothache.

The Rutgers team is planning a larger Phase III clinical trial to build on these findings and comprehensively evaluate the safety of CBD in treating toothache.

This upcoming research could pave the way for FDA approval of Epidiolex or similar CBD solutions for toothache relief. The potential applications of CBD extend beyond toothache to other acute inflammatory pain conditions.

The central theses

This study represents a significant advance in dental care and offers a safer and more effective alternative to opioids for pain management.

With further research, CBD could soon change the way dentists treat acute toothache, which would benefit numerous patients suffering from dental problems.

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The research results can be found In JAMA network opened.

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