Chapter 10, Part 2: A Combat Guide for Men’s Carelessness – Triangle Strategy

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Chapter X of Triangle Strategy, Part II: Men’s carelessness unravels in The Ending Field as Serenoa and friends search for evidence among bookshelves — in a cramped room on two flat floors . A new battle, the Battle of House Ende, will begin when you choose your unit. To windestroy the enemy army. “ Be lost, see all your units perish.

Unit selection and battle strategy

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You’re in a library with some space for hand-to-hand combat other than ranged attacks like arrows or magic. Hughetteand .’s ability to fly AnnaThe Surmount’s ability will be very useful to expand your bookshelf and heavy shelves such as Erador will be useful when he draws damage with his Taunt ability but can also take it — the effective tank he has.

You might consider using Ezana or Piccoletta at this point in the story. If you have the opportunity to strengthen Ezana a bit, you know her magic attacks are powerful. Piccoletta, on the other hand, can create a clone of itself that can move and attack on its own. Watching this clone decoy work in tandem with your Piccoltta or any of your other units is amazing—this girl is two units in one. Enemies will waste their turn taking her decoy.

If you have skipped the consolidation Benedict, level him up because he will be participating in this war by default. His ally support power is plentiful, and his best feature is that he can let Serenoa or anyone attack immediately after his turn with his ability Now…! Serenoa’s two attacks in one? This is the meaning of Benedict.

Looking for the Guard Captain

Screenshots of Pro Game Guides

The battle will begin with most of your party on the lower tier of the library with three Hyzantian Bowmen and three Hyzantian Rogues, all at level 16 and one Hyzantian Healer at level 17. You’ll have five allied units on raised areas of the stage but in separate locations. Three people can go downstairs and help your ally on the ground floor, but Hughette should fly over the bookshelf.

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The other two allies in the raised stage will be Serenoa and Benedict, and You have no choice in this matter. They started with two level 16 Bowmen, two level 17 Rogues, and the Captain of the Sorsley’s Guard—boss, at level 18. The two Rogues below Serenoa and Benedict will jump up from behind them and completely surround them, so use Hawk Dive ability and Benedict’s Now…! to hopefully beat one of them on the first turn.

Get Hughette close enough to the Captain of the Guard to immobilize him with her Shading arrows ability. If successful, this will freeze him for three turns while you focus on the rest of these enemies. Use the leveled up Lionel and his Whisper of excitement Ende’s ability to have people attack each other, and be ready with your healing items or spells, especially ranged attack spells.

Break into the room with your strongest heroes

Beware of the Guard Captain’s Blinding Stab attack, which can blind your units. Bring the Blindness Recovery Pill in case this happens. Now, notice the little hole in the room where the Guard Captain and Serenoa are fighting — enemy units will easily trap them inside and your allies out, just by blocking opening hole. Ask some of your strongest attackers to focus on the enemies that stand in your way.

Along with saving, consider leveling your characters recommended 16 using Mental Simulation Battles at the Prison. Use the loot, especially from Hossabara’s newest battle available, to upgrade the weapon ranks of your strongest warriors. And certainly full accessories and enough HP Recovery Pellets from Lionel.

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