Chinese company buys a large amount of US land

A Chinese food manufacturing company bought 300 acres of farmland in North Dakota just 20 minutes from Grand Forks Air Force Base.

With Beijing’s goal to replace the US as the dominant superpower in the world in the not-too-distant future, trading is something to watch out for.

CNBC reports Grand Forks Air Force Base is “home to some of the nation’s most sensitive military drone technology.”

It also has a new space cyber hub, which a North Dakota senator said handles “the backbone of all US military communications globally.”

Fufeng USA – a subsidiary of the Shandong, China-based Fufeng Group – bought the land to build a corn mill, according to the Grand Forks Herald.


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The company purchased three different parcels of land totaling 300 acres.

Gary Bridgeford, who sold his plot for $2.6 million, believes national security concerns over the sale are overblown.

“How did they get any knowledge of the base? It’s about 12 miles away. It’s not like it’s on the side,” he told CNBC.

Do you think we should ban communist China from buying land in America?

Bridgeford added: “People hear things about China and have concerns. “But everyone has a phone in their pocket that is probably made in China. Where are you now?”

Grand Forks Mayor Brandon Bochenski backed the proposed $700 million milling plant, which would create more than 200 direct jobs.

He perceives the land’s proximity to Grand Forks AFB as a potential security issue, but believes the Air Force is best positioned to assess the threat.

Although the military does not have an official location, a memo written by Air Force Major General Jeremy Fox mentioned several security issues at the location near the Fufeng milling facility.

He writes that passive receivers could be set up to intercept sensitive drones and space-based communications to and from the base, according to CNBC.

“Some of the most sensitive elements of Grand Forks exist with the digital uplinks and downlinks inherent to drone systems and their interactions,” he explained in the memo. with space-based assets.


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And any such data collection “would pose a costly national security risk that severely damages the strategic advantages of the United States.”

Fox went on to argue that passive collection of the signals would be “undetectable.”

When asked about Fox’s memo, an Air Force spokeswoman said it was the major’s personal view.

“In an effort to raise awareness of what he considers to be related to the company in question when he moved to the Grand Forks area, Major Fox submitted his personal assessment of the vulnerabilities. potential for Grand Forks Air Force Base’s Office of Special Investigations,” Lea Greene, a spokeswoman for the base, said in a statement.

Eric Chutorash, CEO of Fufeng USA, dismissed concerns the plant could be used as a Chinese intelligence-gathering facility.

“I know we will not be asked to gather any intelligence about Grand Forks Air Force Base,” he told the Grand Forks Herald in March.

“I couldn’t be more stressed than that. (But) personally, I wouldn’t offer it. I don’t believe the team being built there will deliver… Our HR director, commercial director and sales team and engineers, they’re from here – they’re not the people moved from China. Factory workers will be Americans. I can’t imagine that anyone in the establishment would be involved in that. “

Republican Senator Kevin Cramer of North Dakota is not convinced.

“I think we underestimate the effectiveness of [the Chinese] is collecting information, collecting data, using it in nefarious ways,” he told CNBC. “And so it won’t be long before the Chinese Communist Party does business in my backyard.”

The chairman and senior member of the Senate Intelligence Committee held a similar view to Cramer’s regarding the Fufeng plant.

“We should be seriously concerned about Chinese investment in locations near sensitive sites, such as military bases around the United States,” said Democratic Chairman Mark Warner of Virginia.

GOP ranking member Senator Marco Rubio of Florida added, “It is dangerous, stupid, and short-sighted to allow the Communist Party of China and its proxies to buy land near Chinese military installations USA.”

Really, we must be suspicious of any communist Chinese interest operating near military posts.

CNN reports that the FBI is investigating a security threat posed by Chinese-made Huawei equipment being used on top of cell towers near US military installations.

According to CNN, “According to multiple sources with knowledge of the matter, the FBI has determined that equipment capable of capturing and disrupting Department of Defense communications is highly limited, including those used by U.S. War Command,” CNN said. US Strategy, the agency that oversees the country’s nuclear weapons for use.

A former FBI official with knowledge of the investigation told CNN, “This involves some of the most sensitive things we do.”

“It will affect our ability to basically command and control the nuclear triad. This person added.

Former Secretary of State Trump and CIA Director Mike Pompeo recently tweeted in response to CNN’s story, “FBI investigations confirm what we know in the Trump Administration: CCP uses Huawei equipment to espionage, even disrupting essential national security operations.

“They are inside the gate. Huawei = Chinese spy. Ban Huawei and take this threat seriously,” he wrote.

GOP Sens. Tom Cotton or Arkansas and Tommy Tuberville of Alabama also introduced a bill titled “Protecting American Land From Foreign Interference” that would ban China and Chinese-linked companies from buying land in the US, Breitbart reported.

That would be a good start.

It’s time to recognize communist China as the enemy and treat them accordingly.

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