CSGO NAF star wants a big AWP nerf before the 2022 season

Team Liquid player Keith ‘NAF’ Markovic thinks that AWP needs a big nerf in CSGO to be able to balance in time for the 2022 season.

The AWP is the most “big or home” weapon a CSGO team can invest in. It deals massive damage but has an icy fire rate, reload speed, and even slows the player using it.

It is also one of the most expensive weapons to buy at $4750. However, veteran NAF players don’t think that’s that high, and wouldn’t mind seeing the price go up.

NAF starts at 1:03 for mobile viewers.

In an interview with Pley On what he’s going to change in CSGO, NAF explains why he doesn’t mind seeing AWP made more expensive, and therefore even more important, for teams.

“As you can see a lot of the top players are statistically the best, a lot of them are AWPer,” he said. “So in my opinion, I think they should raise the AWP price. I’m thinking of something around 6K or something like that. “

This may not be the ultimate solution to the AWP meta we see at the highest levels of CSGO but the NAF thinks it could help shake things up.

“At the end of the day, it looks like the AWPers, if they are set up correctly and everything, is all over the place,” explains the Canadian. “The only rifler you see there is probably niko, and the rest are just AWPer.”

Dwarf star

NAF and Team Liquid were knocked out of the 2021 BLAST World Finals thanks to some great AWP plays from s1mple.

However, not everyone agrees that a price change is needed. The top comment on Reddit sparked the NAF’s idea of ​​a struggling Team Liquid in the AWP division over the past few years.

“What will years of playing without a competent AWPer do to mf,” it wrote, with numerous users in contract.

Liquids, however, may be on track to change all that, after sign AWPer Joshua ‘oSee’ Ohm to try and begin the process of rebuilding the organization’s CSGO. If the team can change their luck with the gun, who knows? The NAF may also change its stance on it.

https://www.dexerto.com/csgo/csgo-star-naf-wants-major-awp-nerf-ahead-of-2022-season-1728607/ CSGO NAF star wants a big AWP nerf before the 2022 season

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