Cynthia Villagomez Video: Leila Hamoud arrested at WSSU

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Cynthia Villagomez (right) and Leila Hamoud (left)

Cynthia Villagomez is the Winston-Salem University professor featured in a viral TikTok and Instagram video that shows student Leila Hamoud being arrested by campus police after a disagreement over an assignment.

Winson-Salem University is a historically black college. The student was arrested in the classroom and accused of disorderly conduct, according to CNN. The video was posted on TikTok by @okayybriaa.

Cynthia Villagomez currently has a rating of 2.3 on rate my professor, although many of the reviews were left after the incident blew up on social media on December 16, 2022.

“We understand that police arming is a widespread issue in our community; However, that did not happen in this incident,” said Chancellor Elwood Robinson written in a letter to the campus community.

“We strive for a safe, inclusive, thriving and intellectual community where all of our faculty, staff and students feel respected and supported. To that end, we will act swiftly and appropriately against any situation contrary to these ideals.”

Here’s what you need to know:

1. The viral video showed student Leila Hamoud being handcuffed by police in a classroom

A post by The Shade Room (@theshaderoom)

The video shows The student is handcuffed while the student yells at Villagomez and cries, “I hate you, I hate you. I swear to god I hate you.”

Hamoud continued: “You are the worst teacher ever. You take me out in handcuffs because I won’t apologize? Because I won’t apologize you started yelling at me. They tried to embarrass me about my newspaper.”

The Shade Room who posted the video to InstagramShe wrote: “Leila says she was taken out of the classroom for not apologizing after giving her vote to Dr. V who had yelled at her first. Also, in the video, many students came to Leila’s defense and yelled and yelled at Dr.V because he was escalating the situation.”

Leila Hamoud later recorded their own videos explaining their side of the story.

In this video, Hamoud says the class had a group final where they had to write and sketch a paper. Six hours before the presentation, she claims Villagomez told her the paper was “completely false.”

Hamoud said she told Villagomez, “I said, ‘I’m not going to go back and rewrite this essay.'” She still came to the finals to present with her group. Hamoud says she didn’t say anything to Villagomez at first, but the teacher started “getting loud” and said it was her class and the essay was wrong.

Hamoud said she “got back loudly”. The professor then told her to “get out and go,” she says, but Hamoud refused, saying, “I’m not going… I refused.”

At this point, she said that Villagomez got upset and started “talking to another teacher in the hallway. So they decided to call the police.”

She said it hurts “to be provoked by people of non-black ancestry,” especially in a historically black college.

She said a white and black officer showed up, and the white officer said “he’d have to get me out of the classroom.”

2. Cynthia Villagomez Rate my professor comments contain negative remarks

Rate my professorCynthia Villagomez has a rating of 2.3 out of 5.

At least 317 people had rated them “terrible,” though most of that was in reaction to the viral video.

People wrote comments like, “Terrible professor. Yells at students and expects adults not to yell back. Arrested a student for yelling back.”

Another person wrote: “I saw a video on Tiktok of them arresting a student for not apologizing. Unless the professor is fired, the best way for her to lose any kind of teaching career is to make sure no one ever enrolls in her classes again. If you have her as a professor next year, switch out of her class. No students, no classes, no money.”

The university spokesperson told WXII 12 News it wasn’t Villagomez who called the police on Hamoud. It was another employee who heard the commotion.

3. The university spokeswoman said the incident broke out over a “dispute” regarding an assignment

Haley Gingles, Chief Marketing and Communications Officer at WSSU, gave WXII 12 News additional details.

Gingles told the TV network that a “dispute” arose between the student and the professor at 8:30 a.m. over a final exam assignment

According to Gingles, the police were called by another university employee who overheard the disagreement. It wasn’t Villagomez who called the campus police.

She told journalist Louis Tran, “Once campus police are on site in accordance with our university policy and in accordance with local police and public safety guidelines, their first and foremost role is to ensure that everyone involved in the incident is safe. They did.”

Gingles added: “They wanted to assess the situation, see what was going on and then come up with a positive resolution if necessary and if not, their policies oblige them to then start the necessary procedures. They called to have the student arrested and escorted off campus.”

The university is still investigating the incident, she told Tran.

Gingles to CNN that any disciplinary action taken against the student “will be reviewed at a later date”.

She said of the professor: “She is very emotional and upset by all of this. There have been several threats to their security which are of course a cause for concern.”

4. The Chancellor says there was “significant commotion at Carolina Hall” and a staff member called the police after trying to “de-escalate the situation”.

elwood robinson

WSSUChancellor Elwood Robinson

The Chancellor, Elwood Robinson, wrote a long letter about the video and incident to the campus community.

“As many of you are aware, there was an incident this morning involving a student and a faculty member that has escalated on social media. We now have more information about the event and would like to share some important information with our campus community.”

The letter continues:

Regarding the incident, the university has a process that we must follow if there is a disruption reported anywhere on campus. We received a report that there was significant unrest in Carolina Hall this morning and as a result a nearby WSSU worker has called police for help after they attempted to de-escalate the situation.

In accordance with law enforcement procedures, our officer’s first priority is to assess the situation and provide every opportunity for a positive resolution. If the situation escalates, it is their responsibility to ensure the safety of the students, faculty and staff present.

We understand that police arming is a widespread issue in our community; However, that is not the case in this incident. We strive for a safe, inclusive, thriving, and intellectual community where all of our faculty, staff, and students feel respected and supported. To this end, we will take prompt and appropriate action against any situation contrary to these ideals.

We know this situation has caused great trauma to those involved and our entire campus community, but please note that all available resources are being expanded to bring about a resolution.

We coordinated several university departments in response to today’s incident, including the Chancellor’s Office, the Dean of Studies, the Dean of the College of Arts, Science, Business and Education, and Police and Public Safety.

Our staff work diligently to ensure all resources are available, all processes are followed and all complaints are addressed. While we wish to share all the details we have, due to privacy laws (FERPA, personnel files) and to protect process integrity, not all information can be shared publicly.

We know you want instant answers; However, the speed of our processes does not correspond to the speed of social media. Ultimately, we are committed to diligence and fairness. We ask for your patience as we need to take the necessary time to ensure the safety of everyone involved.

We greatly appreciate those of you who have reached out to express your advocacy and concern for the University. Please rest assured that we hear you and welcome all perspectives.

As with any on-campus incident, personal support resources are available.

5. Villagomez teaches Middle Eastern history at WSSU

Check out this post on Instagram

on linkedin, Villagomez describes herself as an assistant professor at Winston-Salem State University.

Previously, she was Associate Professor and Program Director of the History Department at WSSU for eight years.

In 2021, the university announced that Villagomez had received a scholarship. “Winston-Salem State University was founded by the American Historical Association under the direction of Dr. Cynthia Villagomez, Academic Coordinator for History, History, Politics and Social Justice, awarded a $500.00 mini-scholarship.” read the announcement.

Villagomez was listed with these specialties of the university: “The Middle East in Global Perspective. Fostering cross-cultural communication through knowledge of current affairs: To create a better understanding of what is happening in the Middle East.”

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