Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones gave millions of dollars to woman who filed paternity lawsuit, attorney says

Jerry Jones paid nearly $3 million to woman who said she was his biological daughter, which included her full tuition at SMU and a $70,000 Range Rover on her 16th birthday. her, and for her mother, according to Little Rock, Arkansas, attorney. payments on behalf of Dallas Cowboys owners.

Attorney Don Jack told ESPN on Thursday that he has made regular payments on behalf of Jones to Alexandra Davis, the 25-year-old congressional aide who filed a paternity lawsuit against Jones on Jan. March 3 and her mother, Cynthia Spencer Davis, whom Jones met. in 1995 when she was a ticket agent for American Airlines in Arkansas.

Jack said in a statement: “On several occasions, I have paid Cindy and Alex Davis on behalf of Mr. Jones. A longtime friend of Jones, Jack said he signed an agreement on Jones’ behalf with Spencer Davis in 1995, paying her $375,000 and providing “monthly payments for child support more than 2 million dollars in total.”

Jones did not admit that Davis was his biological daughter. When asked why he used the term “child support” in his statement, Jack said, “I used the term child support because that’s what the agreement is called.” When asked if the “child support” entries indicated that Jones was Davis’ father, Jack paused for 5 seconds before saying, “I’m not going to answer that. My statement speaks for itself. that.”

When asked why Jones paid millions of dollars to Davis and her mother if Davis wasn’t his daughter, Jones spokesman Jim Wilkinson declined to comment.

Jack and Wilkinson declined to release a copy of the agreement to set up two trusts that have paid Davis and her mother more than $1.3 million over the past 25 years. Davis had to pay two more lump sums when she was 26 and 28 years old.

Through her attorney, Davis asked the court to cancel the agreement her mother signed when she was 1 year old and let Jones be declared her father. Her attorney, Andrew A. Bergman, has repeatedly said that she is not looking for money and that, after years of being shunned by Jones, his client just wants to be able to put his name on her birth certificate.

But Jack said he had a far different impression of Davis’ motives when he met her and her mother for dinner at a steakhouse in Dallas a few years ago.

Jack said: “During that meeting, Alex read me a personal letter she had drafted for Jerry Jones in which she expressed dissatisfaction with what she had received and sought. 20 million dollars. “She stated that if the money was paid, she would not bother Mr Jones anymore and would keep their relationship a secret.”

Neither Jack nor Wilkinson could provide proof of the letter or the date of the dinner. Wilkinson said that was “three or four years ago.”

“Look at the letter,” Bergman said Thursday. “And let’s see the evidence that more money has been paid outside of those arrangements. And I will ask why? Did Jerry say money is a substitute for fatherhood? ? Don’t forget money depends on her silence.”

Davis, an assistant to US Representative Ronny Jackson (R-Texas), declined to comment to ESPN and other media outlets.

In a court filing on Monday, Jones alleges Davis filed a lawsuit after unsuccessful attempts to blackmail him, an assertion vehemently denied by Bergman. Wilkinson said the dinner meeting with Jack supported the allegation.

“This clearly demonstrates that money is always the ultimate goal here,” Wilkinson said. “And sadly, this is only one part of a more calculated and coordinated effort that has taken place over a period of time by many people with many different agendas.”

Jack told ESPN that recurring requests from Davis and her mother for money and other expenses exceeded what Jones agreed to pay in the fiduciary agreement by nearly $1 million over many years.

Those additional expenses included $33,000 for Davis’ “sweet 16th birthday” birthday party, featured on the reality TV show “Big Rich Texas.” Additionally, Jones paid for “all of Alex’s education expenses,” including four years at SMU and one year at a private high school, Wilkinson said. Jones also paid $24,000 for Davis to travel abroad after she graduated from college and $25,000 for Davis and her mother to spend Christmas in Paris, Wilkinson said.

“The facts clearly show that millions of dollars have been paid, and on top of that, a $20 million bankruptcy attempt has been made. I think that speaks to his motives,” Wilkinson said. it’s him.”

On March 10, a letter of request from a Jones attorney connected Davis’ paternity lawsuit and many other recent Cowboys scandals with the ongoing divorce battle between Jones’ daughter, Charlotte Jones Anderson and her ex-husband, Shy Anderson. The letter, obtained by ESPN, advises Anderson to preserve the documents “to determine if a conspiracy exists between you and others, including but not limited to, some of your attorneys.” The letter to Anderson says that Jones has asked attorney Charles L. Babcock “to investigate whether he is capable of making claims against you and others in order to convert. [extortion] and other shirts. “

The letter advised Jones’ longtime son-in-law to preserve documents and other evidence in 10 categories, including contacts he may have had with Davis and her mother. Other specific topics that attorneys asked Anderson to keep include “Any attempt to obtain money from Mr. Jones directly or indirectly” and “Any attempt to obtain information that you and/or your attorney have.” you consider shameful to Mr. Jones.”

“The letter preserving the evidence speaks for itself,” Wilkinson said on Thursday. Anderson’s divorce attorney, Lisa G. Duffee, did not return messages from ESPN.

Wilkinson said Bergman, Davis’ attorney, held two meetings with Levi A. McCathern, Jones’ outside attorney, and his law partner after filing the March 3 lawsuit in which Bergman was charged Allegedly demanding money to settle the case.

Wilkinson quoted Bergman as saying during the first meeting, “If you want this to go away, it’s going to cost you Zeke or Dak money.”

“There was never a discussion of a non-monetary solution. Money was always part of the deal,” Wilkinson said.

Bergman said Thursday that he never asked for a dollar to settle the case.

“It’s completely wrong that I asked for money on Alex’s behalf – and they know it – that I used to ask for money on Alex’s behalf,” Bergman said. “They said, ‘What does she want?’ And I said she wanted to establish the bloodline, and Jerry could do it or not, for the Salvation Army. That’s true.”

Wilkinson said McCathern strongly denies saying those words to Bergman.

“Now they’ve changed their story again,” Wilkinson said. “First, it wasn’t about money. Now it’s about money. And now they’re on three sides of a two-sided problem. They’re all over the map. Pick a story and stick with it. This is ridiculous.”

A hearing scheduled to determine whether the lawsuit should be sealed was dropped Thursday after Jones’ attorneys withdrew a request to have it sealed. It is not known when the lawyers will return to court. Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones gave millions of dollars to woman who filed paternity lawsuit, attorney says

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