‘Dancing With the Stars’ Blast The Show fans

Judges of'Dancing With the Stars' season 30


Judges of ‘Dancing With the Stars’ season 30

“Dancing With the Stars” has been around for 30 seasons and it has certainly evolved over time. Fans think that the present is not as good as it used to be. Here’s what fans want the show to deliver and why they think its UK partner show “Dance Together” is the superior dance competition show.

Fans are lamenting that ‘Dance with the Stars’ can’t have big names to perform any more

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In one reddit themeOne fan wrote, “Remember when [‘Dancing With the Stars’] is a big deal and has guests like Shakira, Enrique Iglesias, Ariana Grande and Iggy Azalea? Yeah, I miss those days too…”

One fan responded by writing, “I remember when we had an unknown Adele in season seven or eight. She looked very scared and met backstage waiting to perform. And Janelle Monae, who just showed up at the scene. ”

But it wasn’t just the stars before they became big names. Finally, great superstar Whitney Houston performed “I Wanna Dance With Somebody” for the ninth season of “Dancing With the Stars” finale in 2009. Dolly Parton performed in season five, Lady Gaga performed in season five. eight, Nicki Minaj performed in season 12, Jennifer Lopez performed on season five and season 16, and Demi Lovato and Taylor Swift each performed in three different seasons – season eight, season 13 and season 16 for Lovato and season nine , season 11 and season 15 for Swift.

“Shows how big a show is [‘Dancing With the Stars’] used to be,” one fan wrote.

Fans blame ‘Dancing With the Stars’ for canceling show results

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On a Reddit thread, fans lamented that “Dancing With the Stars,” the main show of “Dancing With the Stars” airing in the UK, still worked and the US version didn’t.

One fan wishes they’d bring them back because sometimes the musical cast will perform some from the show, something “unique that doesn’t really happen on other shows,” and one person. Another fan added that Broadway shows used to do the same.

“I would love to see the cast of the Broadway play ‘Moulin Rouge’ or the new movie ‘Western Story’ do a direct number [‘Dancing With the Stars’],” wrote one fan.

Another added that it was a great opportunity to see more of the “Dancing With the Stars” professionals, writing, “Probably the biggest thing I remember is the professionals who performed in these musical numbers. I hate when artists bring their own dancers.”

“I always forget that I miss the results show. Wonder if they will ever bring it back (I doubt it). It’s great to see professional dances. I know they still do now, but not much,” wrote another fan.

Another fan said that they thought the network’s bombing for “American Idol” might have something to do with the network cutting the show results, writing, “I doubt they’ll bring [results shows] back, I think largely due to the ratings. Maybe budget will play a role now, because ‘American Idol’ takes up a lot [‘Dancing With the Stars’] budget go. I’m really sad that at least we didn’t get the results for the finale. At least they can find a time and budget for that. ”

For the record, the first season of “Dancing With the Stars” to air as a one-nighter was season 24, which aired in spring 2017. ABC picked up “American Idol” after the show was canceled at FOX during the same period. The Hollywood Reporter was in the news at the time ABC made an offer for the rights to “American Idol” in early May 2017, and the show was already in production later that year for a spring 2018 premiere, as So that hypothesis might not be too far-fetched.

With the loss of results, one fan suggested that “Dancing With the Stars” was really “unfair” without the results showing, especially in the finale.

“The finale was really unfair after they cut the show. The final couple performed barely had time to win the viewers’ votes with the free competition… Besides, half of America couldn’t even vote after watching the dance, they could only blind voting. It would be really great if they brought home at least the finale result,” the fan wrote.

Then another fan said they should “just [the finale] live all over America”

“I love the two-night form,” said one fan, and another said that fans had no idea how good they had been, writing, “It’s funny because I remember so many people have Each complained about all the accessories and fluff on the results showed. We didn’t know how well we had it back then.”

This isn’t the first time that fans have wished the US version would take a page out of the “Dancing Serious” playbook. In January 2022, fans lamented that “Dancing With the Stars” seemed to lack the “shine” and “authenticity” of “Seriously Come Dancing.”

What do you think, fans? Did you miss the “Dancing With the Stars” results show?

“Dancing With the Stars” has yet to be cast for season 31. If renewed, it will premiere in September 2022.

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