Daniel Strunk dissects the chaotic Survivor 42 tribe

Daniel Strunk


Hai Giang and Daniel Strunk negotiate at the chaotic Daddy Tribal Council in Survivor 42 Episode 3.

Daniel Strunk, the youngest boot of “Survivor 42”, was known for repeatedly declaring that his game was sub-par and most likely would not result in a win. This was probably most evident in Episode 3, when Fans confronted him for bluntly declaring that he was unwilling to drag stones into an impasse at the tribal council.

Daniel’s game ended Wednesday when his tribe voted him out as the least trusted member of the group. He has since taken the opportunity to explain the reality behind his disastrous performance in episode 3as well as other important moments that viewers may have missed.

Here’s what you need to know:

Daniel explains the “I really don’t want to draw rocks” line.

‘Survivor’ S42’s Daniel Strunk Explains Spearfishing Controversy, Tribal Council Meltdown | ADVANCEDAfter being called out by his fellow tribesmen to spearfish his dislocated shoulder, but not participating in challenges, Survivor season 42 castaway Daniel Strunk reveals the two reasons behind his decision. Also, he breaks out his thought process behind the tribal council that everyone can’t stop talking about. SUBSCRIBE our channel: youtube.com/user/ETCanadaOfficial FOLLOW us here:…2022-04-07T19:53:09Z

In post-game interviews, Daniel explained his rationale for the statement infamous Tribal Council of Daddy who saw Jenny Kim walking home saying he was “really [does] don’t want to pull stones” right at the beginning of the negotiations; a statement that gave his opponent Hai Giang a chance to stand his ground and declare that he was ready to hit the rocks.

In an interview with ET Canada Speaking Thursday with Survivor 41 winner Erika Casupanan, Daniel said the reason for that declaration was not because he wanted to put all his cards on the table, but because he wanted to declare his allegiance to fellow tribesmen Mike Turner and Chanelle Howard, who also Stones should have drawn. He noted that this statement came immediately after he asked host Jeff Probst which members of the tribe would need to draw stones (Probst said all minus Jenny and Lydia Meredith, the two who received votes that night). Daniel explained:

So I open the negotiation – what I thought was a discussion – with a terrible opening sentence, but my opening sentence was supposed to tell Mike and Chanelle, “I’ve got your back, don’t worry, I’m not going to make you draw rocks you.” can have faith in me.’ I figured the three of us would rig the discussion together to make Hai flip and let Lydia go home.

However, instead of Mike and Chanelle supporting Daniel to make Hai flip, they both chose to put the decision entirely in Daniel’s hands. “The worst case scenario happened,” Daniel said. “Mike said… that’s all you and Hai, that’s your problem; Chanelle says … ‘It’s not my problem, you and I have to find out.’” At that moment, he said, he felt “completely alone”.

“I was wrong on all levels,” he said of the infamous night.

Daniel says Chanelle doesn’t get enough credit

When it came to the rest of his tribe, Daniel had some strong opinions. On Hai, Daniel explained that Hai made him feel safe going to Tribal Wednesday night considering how they had a touching conversation about their personal lives a few days before Daniel’s elimination. “Afterward I thought, ‘I’m absolutely safe, I don’t need to worry’… I felt so safe.” But that also makes him an excellent player, Daniel thinks. “Hai is an excellent player,” he said. “He didn’t have a great parlor game for the first seven days…but did [he is] excellent at deception.”

When it came to Chanelle, his one-time ally in the game, Daniel said she’s a far better player than fans give her credit for and that viewers should continue to look out for her. “Chanelle absolutely doesn’t get enough credit,” Daniel told Erika. “She made a bad decision, and in reality she wouldn’t have been faced with that choice in 40 out of 42 seasons of Survivor…in 40 out of 42 seasons of Survivor, Chanelle sails through the first vote and Lydia goes home.”

Daniel summed it up: “I said in one of my first confessions that there was no dud in the Daddy tribe and I still believe that. I think of everyone [Vati] is an excellent ‘Survivor’ player.”

fans indeed made fun of Chanelle’s decision to “risk” her vote in episode 3, which of course caused her to lose her voice and sparked the chaotic tribal council we saw.

Dad, like Ika and Taku, all have 4 members left going into the next episode Fake Merge. Will they stay strong and actually make it to the Final 4? Or will the cracks that are already visible break over the former tribe despite their skill in the game? Tune in on CBS Wednesdays at 8 p.m. Eastern to find out.

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