DDG addresses Rubi Rose feud in new song ‘Way Too Petty’

DDG isn’t done talking to his ex-girlfriend yet Ruby Rose–despite their online feud that took place over a week ago. In a new song entitled much too petty DDG dismissed Rubi’s claim Hall Bailey wore her shirt recently.

“Don’t believe the internet, that’s not the damn t-shirt,” he raps.

As previously reported, Rubi started the back-and-forth by suggesting that Halle Bailey recently wore a shirt she owned in 2020. The rapper tweeted: “Having your b***h where my clothes are crazy.” Fans pointed out the bump after photos emerged of Bailey in a cropped white t-shirt. Rubi wore the same top in August 2020. After her initial tweet, Rubi assured people online that she likes Halle but called DDG “a weirdo fasho.”

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Ahead of the song’s release, the YouTube star took to Twitter to vent his thoughts on the internet’s recent criticisms of him.

“Crazy how the word sucked my excellent friend attributes and abilities, but as soon as one of my possessed tries to ‘expose’ me, I’m the worst n***a ever. y’all only do this to successful BLACK men,” he wrote in a tweet.

Rapper denies interest in Rubi Rose after releasing ‘Way Too Petty’

After The shadow room shared DDG preview of much too petty The rapper hopped into the comments to address a consistent criticism: Why is he still talking to his ex?

“I don’t want that woman, I swear. I explained it all in the song,” DDG commented. “Can you stop hating me now, I come in peace. If you are reading this, you look beautiful today. Make sure you’re smiling, honey.”

He didn’t clarify which other parts in the two-minute track apply to Rubi Rose. However, some lyrics pique the interest of fans and critics alike.

“H*es screenshotting, that sh*t lame,” DDG raps at the beginning of the track. “Keep her aside, she could never be my main character. She just wants to make it, she fucks for fame. If you post naked pictures, you should be ashamed.”


During her online back-and-forth, Rubi Rose revealed what are believed to be recent Twitter DMs (direct messages) with DDG. And according to the screenshot, he initiated the contact, asked Rubi about her whereabouts. Rose posted the screenshot with the caption: “That’s why I’m single.” She later posted a screen capture of the same messages to reassure people that she hadn’t photoshopped the messages.

Your screenshot prompted DDG to respond and claim so “The whole situation was predictable” and already dealt with Halle Bailey. He also designated Rubi a “B***h”, “demon”, And “devilish.”

Later, during their heated exchange, DDG revealed hall was “Fine” and that you “Bang this situation out” Days before the online clapbacks.

In return, Rubi demanded the Way too petty The rapper was mad at her for not wanting it “Go home with him” after Yung Miami’s February 3rd birthday party. But he claimed so Big mouth rapper has “stuck” on him for two years after their separation.

In a tweeted response, DDG called Rubi “Old news” and a “Would-be Ice Cream Cone.” Rose called him “cheeky.”

Their insults eventually subsided, but not before DDG doubled down on blaming Rubi “Try to Come Back” with him. But Rose clapped back by claiming DDG contacted her and badmouthed every man she was seen with.

Ruby added:

“I’m single because I don’t play that, you know that, that’s why you went to the quiet girl who will take it.”

Halle Bailey and DDG attend Milan Fashion Week amid the release of ‘Way Too Petty’.

As DDG and Rubi Rose competed online, Halle kept her commentary to a minimum. The only allegation she seemed to address was Rubi’s claim that she was wearing her cropped t-shirt. Even then, the Little Mermaid star didn’t name Rose or discuss DDG’s snide remarks.

“The devil works. Lol please don’t feed on the lies especially third party. Everyone stay blessed,” Bailey tweeted.

Fans had speculated about issues in Halle and DDG’s romantic days before the rapper addressed it with his ex. Blame it on deleted social media posts and unfollows.

But her sister Ski Bailey silenced those rumors after she clarified that she had spoken to Halle and was told so “nothing going on.” After her boyfriend and ex-girlfriend got hot online, Bailey neither confirmed nor denied the end of their relationship.

However, only a few hours after the release of DDG much too petty Photos of the couple at Gucci’s show at Milan Fashion Week have surfaced. Dressed in a flowing pink dress, Halle smiled in one photo while cupping DDG’s knee with one hand.

No reaction from Rubi Rose to DDGs Far too small…still.

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