Destiny 2 – All Titan Strand Abilities Explained

It’s a great time to be a Destiny 2 player as the game’s newest expansion, Lightfall, has finally been released. With this new expansion comes a lot of new content, and part of that content is the new beach skills available for each class. For each class, these abilities will vary greatly and thus also change the gameplay greatly. In the case of the Titan class, Strand abilities heavily urge and reward melee combat, allowing players to quickly get into enemies’ faces and stay there for as long as needed.

What are the strand abilities and aspects of titans in Destiny 2 Lightfall?

Raging Blade

The Frenzied Blade ability activates when you use yours charged melee abilityand lets you dash forward and hit targets you come in contact with Separate them. Not only does this attack allow you to deal good damage to your target, but it also closes the gap between you and them, giving ample opportunity for follow-up attacks. Not only that, Frenzied Blade will have it three charges, allowing you to charge and strike three times in quick succession. In short, no one escapes you when this ability goes off cooldown.

blade fury

Labeled as super ability, Bladefury is comparable to an Aura or Stance in that it makes the Titan much stronger when activated. This is due to the dual blades the ability bestows on the titan, as well as the new light and heavy attacks. The light attack becomes very similar to a new charge and slam attack Raging Bladebut also increases attack speed for each successful hit (up to three) and deals bonus damage Exposed goals and Severs they also. The Heavy Attack is a massive upward slamming ability that deals massive damage and spawns two projectiles that automatically seek out enemies, damage them, and expose them.

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tether grenade

One of the new grenade abilities, the shackle grenade, transforms into a bola when thrown, dealing damage to and expose enemies. Then, after impact, the grenade splits into several smaller projectiles that hit and hit all nearby enemies expose they also.

Threadling grenade

Rather than being an explosive or movement-impairing device like regular grenades, the Threadling grenade spawns minions that attack nearby enemies. Aptly named after threads, the grenade breaks up into three projectiles when thrown, and these projectiles turn into Threadlings on impact. These minions will immediately seek out an enemy to jump on before exploding.


As if the Titan didn’t get enough movement from his new abilities, they get it too Grasp, a new ability that counts as a grenade. This ability is fairly self-explanatory, allowing the Titan to aim at a point before firing a line of shore and then hissing to the spot. However, the ability can also Create your own breakpoints anywhere, so you can hold on without a point to hold on to. This allows for incredibly flexible mobility through the air and can even be retrofitted with one Grab meleea new attack that deals large bonus damage and unraveled enemies hit.

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Drengr’s whip

The first new aspect Titan gets is called Drengr’s Whip. This passive ability causes Titan’s class ability To expose all enemies hit by the generated shockwave. This allows for powerful follow-up damage due to crowd control and additional damage dealt by the ability.

Into the fight

The second of the new aspects Titan joins In the Fray. This aspect is a passive ability that gives Woven Mail to the Titan and nearby allies after destroying a tangle. Along with the reduction in damage taken from the woven armor, the Titan also gains additional weight Energy regeneration in melee while they have Woven Mail.

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