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Destination The Sorcerer Queen’s Throne World is full of mysteries and secrets of its own. However, it also shares a secret with the rest of Destiny 2’s destination, Lost Sectors. Savathûn’s Throne World has three of these Lost Zones scattered around its map. In this guide, we will look at where to find the Metamorphosis Lost Sector and get it done.

The first step to crossing the Lost Sector is to find its entrance. This lost sector lies deep in the swamps of Miami. It is located in a cave near the large cylindrical tower in the area. These entrances are marked with the same Lost Sector icon used to mark them on the map. However, the entrance can be a bit difficult to find. We recommend using the images above to help you locate the correct entrance if you are having trouble finding it.

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Once you make your way down to the Metamorphic Lost Zone, you’ll soon meet your first enemy. These enemies are contemptible, and they are the characteristic enemies of this Lost Sector. This lost area has three main parts. After fighting through the enemies in the first corridor, you’ll stumble across a Scorn Captain with an immunity shield. Search three crystals around the room and shoot them to take down Captain Scorn’s shield. Defeat the Captain and drop down to the next corridor.

The second corridor will have you fighting some more scornful enemies. Go to the end of this corridor, you will see a similarly shielded enemy. Destroy all three crystals in the room to remove the shield, then take out the enemies to continue to the last room.

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Eventually you will find yourself in the last room of the Lost Area. Boss-Dread Tatsrekaa—Is simple enough to defeat, with its attacks matching those of a typical Scorn Captain. This Boss will also have the same impregnable shield that the other Captains had throughout the Lost Sector. We were able to take it down pretty easily after destroying the three Crystals. After a short time, the crystal will revive and must be destroyed again to continue dealing damage. Defeating Dread Tatsrekaa will open a back room containing the Loot Cache.

So there you have it, that’s the place to find and complete the Metamorphic Lost Area. While completing this Lost Sector on its own isn’t usually too efficient, completing it while it’s Legendary or Master Lost Sector will net you some great gear.

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