Do doorknobs also have wheels when Twitter is still divided over viral debates?

Twitter has been taken over by the ongoing debate about wheels and doors. As if having dozens of opinions on the current topic weren’t enough, people are currently debating whether door handles are wheels or not.

It all starts with a poll by Twitter user Ryan Nixon. He said he was debating with his friends if there were more wheels or doors in the world and asking everyone’s opinion.

Before long, the simple question became one of the most discussed topics on the internet. The ongoing discussion has also raised many other interesting questions, such as whether door handles can be considered wheels.

White door with black round doorknob opens into the bathroom

Do door handles have wheels?

Technically, door handles are of the wheel type and we’ll show you how.

A wheel is any round object that rotates on an axle and is fixed underneath a vehicle or other objects to allow them to move.

The door handle is considered a wheel and axle due to its design. While the knob acts like a wheel, the rod connecting it to the door acts as a shaft.

Well, we know not all of you will be convinced with the explanation, as are many Twitter users who believe otherwise.

New topic sparks debate on Twitter

Just as the discussion revolves around the number of doors and wheels around the world, Twitter users are currently busy discussing whether doorknobs are wheels or not.

One speak: “More wheels than doors. The wheel and shaft are one of six simple machines, along with the screw, lever, pulley, wedge, and inclined plane. The wheel is present in so many things that a lot of people don’t even take into account.”

“Whoever thinks the doorknob is the wheel is sick,” Discuss other.

One user tweeted: “Not a bad simile. I think one argument could be made for the fact that a shower curtain is a door (albeit elongated), but a door handle is a wheel and axle by definition. “

“There are more wheels than bc doors have a wheel inside each doorknob/handle,” cleared up other.

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The answer to the original debate is hard practice

If you’re trying to find out if there are more doors than wheels in the world, you may be disappointed by the fact that there aren’t.

Just think, you can find doors not only in houses and office buildings but also on washing machines, cars, and cupboards.

Likewise, from strollers to roller blades, a huge number of things come with wheels. Therefore, it is almost impossible to find a definite answer to this debate.

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