Does Billie die in Resident Evil? What happens to her in season 1

*WARNING: Spoilers follow for Resident Evil*

Death is ever-present in Netflix’s Resident Evil series as the world has been reduced to a dangerous wasteland where mindless and cannibalistic Zeroes roam the land.

The series spans two time periods – 2036, when the world is on its knees, and 2022, in the days and weeks leading up to the T-Virus outbreak.

In the year 2036, we follow an adult Jade Wesker as she struggles to survive as we see her teenage life 14 years earlier alongside her half-twin sister, Billie.

However, Billie is no longer with Jade in the 2036 timeline, which has led Resident Evil fans to wonder what is happening to her and if Billie died.

Resident Evil | Official teaser 2



Resident Evil | Official teaser 2





The mystery of Billie’s fate in 2036

We are introduced to Billie Wesker in the opening episode of Netflix’s Resident Evil, where she lives alongside her half-twin sister, Jade, in the 2022 timeline.

However, in the present of the series in 2036, Billie is nowhere to be seen in the first few episodes of the series while Jade struggles to survive.

Billie’s fate is seemingly revealed in the first episode when she and her sister sneak into her father’s workplace at the Umbrella Corporation, where they are attacked by an undead-looking and infected dog.

The dog bites Billie, causing her to become infected with the T-Virus, which her fellow characters believe is a death sentence.

But Billie’s fate in 2036 remains up in the air when Baxter reveals to Jade near the end of Episode 1 that her sister has been looking for her.

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Does Billie die in Resident Evil?

No, Billie doesn’t die at the end of Resident Evil Season 1.

In the first few episodes of the series, Billie’s condition worsens after being bitten by the dog, and it is revealed that after three days from the T-Virus infection, she will turn into one of the mindless zeros.

Things aren’t looking well for Billie, who suffers from fever, violent outbursts, hallucinations and an oversensitivity to light and sound in the days following the dog bite.

But in episode 4, the three day deadline is up and Billie and Jade are both shocked and relieved to see that she is alive and well.

However, their survival immediately raises questions about the facts they were told by their father, Albert, who has kept secrets from the couple throughout their lives.

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Is Billie still alive in 2036?

Yes, Billie has been confirmed to be alive in the final moments of Episode 5.

In Episode 4, Jade and Baxter are being held captive by a group of cultists, and Jade tells Baxter while trapped in her cell, “My sister is dead. She died when I was 14.”

However, while escaping the facility, Jade is quickly surrounded by a group of Umbrella soldiers and one of them removes his helmet and mask to reveal Billie underneath, alive and well.

But this isn’t the same Billie Jade grew up with.

While she may not have been turned into a mindless Zero by the T-Virus, it did change Billie.

In episode 8, she explains to Jade that the T-Virus freed her from her fears and anxieties, claiming it helped unleash the person she had always been under.

Screenshot of Resident Evil Episode 8

Resident Evil is now available to stream Netflix after publication on July 14, 2022.

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