Does Joe Biden ban e-cigarettes? FDA regulations and e-cigarette loophole explained

Biden’s new bill leaves Twitter in disbelief after it was revealed it would ban vapes. It’s not true, but it will affect the vaping industry from April 14, 2022.

Vapes have become hugely popular thanks to the alluring fruit flavors, but they still contain thousands of chemical ingredients, and it’s even more concerning that most of the chemicals have yet to be identified, the statement said Johns Hopkins Medicine.

They are easy to buy, which is one of the factors why teen vaping is so common. Also, it doesn’t help that you can just log into TikTok and watch thousands of vaping videos.

To close the loophole that vape companies use to continue marketing their products, President Biden signed a funding bill into law in March 2022 that allowed the FDA to regulate synthetic nicotine.

Social media users are in disbelief after an image circulated online urging customers to stock up on vaporizers. Biden isn’t canceling the device, but he’s cracking down on them.

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Biden’s new nicotine bill explained

On March 11, 2022, Joe Biden signed a $1.5 trillion spending bill that would subject the use of synthetic nicotine to FDA oversight, just as tobacco-derived nicotine products are regulated.

The law clarifies that definition Tobacco product as “any product made from or derived from tobacco or containing nicotine from any source intended for human consumption”.

It is therefore expanded to lab-made nicotine as well as traditional tobacco-derived nicotine, meaning industry leaders like Puff Bar – who advertise “tobacco-free nicotine produced from a manufacturing process” – could also be affected.

Manufacturers switched to synthetic nicotine to exploit the gap and prove their products “appropriate to protect public health” as the laboratory-made drug was hardly regulated.

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But Biden’s new law closes that loophole, and if companies don’t get approval by July 14, the product will have to be withdrawn from the market.

Synthetic nicotine vaporizers currently on the market can still be sold until May 14th, but must apply by that date. If submitted on time, they can be sold until July 14, acc news week.

Overall, the change is not a direct ban on vaping products, but may affect the industry as popular choices could potentially be withdrawn.

Twitter is already feeling the effects

Vapers have already complained about the “ban” on social media, although one has suggested it could push users into cigarettes instead.

In other news, The View stated: Where is Whoopi Goldberg today?

https://www.hitc.com/en-gb/2022/04/13/biden-banning-vapes/ Does Joe Biden ban e-cigarettes? FDA regulations and e-cigarette loophole explained

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