Doja Cat’s “I’m Pregnant” April Fool’s Day Joke Sparks Huge Twitter Debate

Doja Cat has had a tough week – first upsetting her fans Paraguay, and now many on Twitter aren’t too happy about her “I’m pregnant” joke.

the kiss me more The singer is one of the most active celebrities on social media. She is present on Twitter almost every other day and actively participates in fan discussions. She also sometimes starts a few debates herself.

But some fans think she may have taken it too far when she tweeted “I’m pregnant” on April 1, 2022.

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Doja Cat makes an “I’m pregnant” April Fool’s joke

On April 1, the 26-year-old tweeted “I’m pregnant” on her Twitter account, before making a series of other cryptic posts.

She then sent out another tweet, writing, “This is Nicholas Cage hacking Doja Cat’s account was good y’all national treasure is the best movie in the world.”

“I have breasts and telekinesis, the doctor just told me,” the star wrote in her third tweet.

While some of it was clearly meant in a good mood, many fans fell for her “I’m pregnant” claim.

The singer soon cleared the air and revealed it was all a joke.

The singer posted another tweet shortly after, saying: “HAHAHA U ALL GOT JUST PRANKED! I don’t have telekinesis, Nicholas Cage never hacked me, I’m not pregnant, I don’t have butt shots and I’ve never ***ed on stage!!!


Singer’s tweet sparks a major Twitter debate

Many fans lashed out at Doja for her tweet about the pregnancy, but many others jumped to her defense.

Expressing displeasure, one fan wrote, “I really dislike the fact that Doja Cat used ‘I’m pregnant’ as an April Fool’s joke.”

“WTF you mean you’re pregnant,” wrote another.

Another fan commented, “Why would someone with a following like Doja Cat tell April Fool he’s pregnant? Not okay. Not ok at all.”

“Not funny at all for women around the world who are having trouble conceiving, myself included. Very hurtful to joke about,” wrote one disappointed fan.

Other Twitter users quickly jumped on that say it defense of the singer.

“Just because you went through something horrible doesn’t mean you can dictate what people can and can’t joke about, if you don’t like it, ignore it. You can’t expect the world to cater to your sensibilities,” one user wrote.

“I’m practically infertile and I joke about being pregnant almost every year…that’s funny,” wrote another user.

“If you’re really upset that Doja Cat said she was pregnant please focus on real issues lol,” said another user.

What happened between Doja Cat and Paraguayan fans?

It all started when Doja went to the Asunciónico festival in Paraguay to perform. However, the show had to be cancelled.

Some called out the singer for not taking the time to interact and greet fans outside her hotel, where people appeared to have been waiting for hours to see her.

Doja quickly expressed her thoughts on what happened. In a series of raging tweets, she made it clear that she was quitting music as she was unhappy with the reaction from her fans.

In the now-deleted tweet, Doja explained that when she left the hotel, not a single fan was waiting for her.

The singer said: “There was a storm in Paraguay, the show was cancelled. When I left the next morning, no one was waiting for me in front of the hotel. Let that sink in. I regret that I spent all that time getting ready for the show that day, I made do with dressing for you everyday, but God bless you.

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The Marilyn Monroe Mystery: The Unheard Tapes | Official Trailer | Netflix






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https://www.hitc.com/en-gb/2022/04/02/doja-cat-pregnant/ Doja Cat’s “I’m Pregnant” April Fool’s Day Joke Sparks Huge Twitter Debate

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