dr Bashir and Dr. Baltar are finally practicing in the same Star Trek universe

Alexander Siddig and James Callis

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Alexander Siddig and James Callis

For years people have confused them. One of these superb actors portrayed a genetically enhanced doctor who served aboard a Cardassian starbase. The other was responsible for a race of cybernetic life nearly wiping out the entire human race. One of them left the franchise and found new fame on “game of Thrones‘ while the other left his beloved show and is now appearing on Star Trek: Picard.

The two actors in question are Alexander Siddig and James Callis. For seven seasons, Siddig portrayed Dr. Julian Bashir in Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. His character was complicated and nuanced. Bashir had secrets of all secrets, even working for Starfleet’s shadowy spy organization, Section 31. Dr. Bashir was a genius who often allowed others to defeat him, not to show off.

dr Julian Bashir

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Similarly, James Callis was one of the main characters of the rebooted Battlestar Galactica. Callis portrayed dr Gaius Baltar, who was also a genius. Throughout the show, Galactica’s crew relied on his wits to solve problems. Among the problems it would solve was creating a Cylon detector that would have been able to separate the “real” humans from their manufactured counterparts. dr Baltar was involved with the Cylons and even fell in love with a model (played by actress Tricia Helfer).

Both doctors were brilliant and sophisticated. Both were complicated and held their cards close to their chests. Both were played by actors who resembled each other and have therefore been compared ever since. On top of that, both actors had dark hair and British accents.

There is a definite overlap between the Star Trek: Deep Space Nine and Battlestar Galactica fan bases. In fact, the creative mind behind “Battlestar” Ronald D MooreHe was a longtime writer on Star Trek and was responsible for the Klingon storylines in The Next Generation and Deep Space Nine.

dr Gaius Baltar

Battlestar Galactica | Gaius Baltar from Aerilon (Gaius’ accent)Well, I’ve learned something new about Gaius’ origins. In Season 3 Episode 16, “Dirty Hands”, Chief Tyrol’s labor leader persuades him to defy Adama and become the rallying point for a strike. Your favorite shows, movies and more are here. Stream on Peacock now: peacocktv.com Watch full episodes of Battlestar Galactica on Google Play: bit.ly/2h9UDgw…2018-03-26T16:00:03Z

Fans of these shows are usually pretty good at figuring out who’s who. But with Siddig and Callis there is undoubtedly a bit of confusion. There is Reddit Talks dedicated to those who confuse the two actors and their characters. There is Pinterest boards comparing the two actors with photos. There’s even a section of IMDb dedicated to comparing these two types and others.Doppelganger actor.

Now that new photos from the upcoming episode of Star Trek: Picard‘ revealed that Callis will join Star Trek. Siddig took to Twitter welcoming his doppelganger to the Trek family – and clarifying who’s who.

Siddiq on Callis

Patrick Stewart and James Callis

Trae Patton / ParamountPatrick Stewart and James Callis

In his post Siddiq welcomed Callis to Star Trek‘ but reminded fans that they are two different people. To clarify further, Siddiq used the PR images to detail who was who. This must be fun for the actors, because both have recognized the situation in the recent past.

In a 2017 tweet Callis corrected a fan who thought he was the voice of Batman character Ra’s al Ghul on the show”Batman: Anarky.”

“I’m deeply flattered – but it’s actually the wonderful Alexander Siddig – who, as always, kills it!” he said the fan on Twitter.

Meanwhile, an article about the two appeared on Siddiq’s website and shared a photo of the two actors “in the same [picture] at the same time.” Callis said that “Bashir and Baltar are not the same Gaius!”

It is unknown what role Callis will play in the upcoming episode of “Picard” titled “Monsters.” If Callis has an ancestor of Dr. If Bashir were to play, it could delight just about any fan of either actor.

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