Draconic roars, from tamers to dragons

The new Digimon TCG EX3 expansion set is a fantastic release that brings a whole host of new exciting cards into the mix. Part of Bandai’s strategy is to bring smaller, themed page sets that allow players to build decks around and customize the included cards, rather than having to immediately collect older cards. With this list you can have a look at the Top 10 cards of Digimon TCG: Draconic Roar, from tamers to dragons, and get a better idea of ​​what you might want to collect and play with.

10. Hina Kurihara

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Hina Kurihara is a nostalgic character from the mobile game Digimon Links who is no longer on duty, but she was a memorable navigator for players. In this set, she is a keychain that will be the focus of your dragon-based deck that has multiple types like earth, machine, or sky in its traits.

This makes them the central component of the new Dragon Links deck that you can build right out of the box with this set. This card has beautiful graphics and is a perfect starting point for new players to build their dragon decks on.

9. Dracomon

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This alternate Dracomon art card features Zubamon and Huckmon in a cute, colorful scene that collectors are sure to want. As a rookie, it’s a necessary card for the new Examon deck, as right after Digi-Eggs, rookies are the foundation of any digitization.

In terms of gameplay, this card has a powerful two-for-one seek effect that will help you get your next level cards while securing your card advantage. Once you Digivolve over him, your Dramon and Examon Digimon are buffed by +1000 Digipower, giving them an advantage in combat and during security checks.

8. Breakdramon

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Breakdramon is the other integral element for the new Examon deck included in this set. As you build your Digitation line, this is the Mega Digimon you want to see when you hit level six. Each time he is suspended, you can suspend an opponent’s Digimon, and he essentially grants all of your Digimon the Penetrate ability, because whenever one of your characters eliminates an enemy, your opponent must destroy the top card of their security deck.

This powerful effect remains heritable if you are able to progress to your level 7 trial and engage in the game. The art on this card screams mecha-kaiju and will look fantastic in any player’s deck or collector’s binder.

7. Chaosdramon

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Chaosdramon is the Mega Digimon for the new red and black deck that offers tons of aggression and destruction. This new deck that boosts Machine Dramon archetypes uses Chaosdramon to bring the pain by being difficult to remove as it can destroy two of its digitation cards to prevent it from leaving the game.

When you play him, you can put up to three level 5 red or black Cyborg cards underneath him to increase his effect, give him custom inheritable abilities, and dedigivolv one of your opponent’s characters along with him. This is a great looking mecha card that your opponents will fear once you start playing.

6. Slayerdramon

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Slayerdramon has some of the most sophisticated look art, combining kaiju dragons with shiny metallic knights and anime mecha in one perfect looking package. The alternative art has an action packed scene that gets the mind spinning with battle scenes.

Slayerdramon fits into Examon decks with the ability to unsuspend once per turn, making him a great dual attacker, and it has a new mechanic that lets you suspend one of your Dramon or Examon types to the card forcing an opponent to attack you. He also has an inheritable ability to pass this new forced attack mechanic to your level 7 Trial to stay in control.

5. Imperialdramon: Fighter mode

digimon tcg imperialdramon fighter mode
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Imperialdramon: Fighter Mode brings the ever-popular fan-favorite Imperialdramon to a purple and red split, allowing players to expand the color choices of their decks. This new version of Imperialdramon focuses on a faster, more aggressive playstyle where players will reach level six as quickly as possible and not have to worry too much if their Wurmmon or Veemon is destroyed in the process.

Once you get to level six and you’re playing against this guy, you can get a Wurmmon or Veemon out of your trash and put it back into play, and when it hits the table you can put one of its digitation cards on the bottom of your deck to unlock all of your cards nullify opponent’s security effects for the round. It also packs some punch if you decide to attack an enemy character, and since it’s a secret rarity, it’s one of the hardest cards to draw from your deck. So get excited when you do this!

4. Imperialdramon: Dragon Mode

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Imperialdramon: Dragon Mode continues to bring a different strategy compared to the teal Imperialdramon decks by making this guy an aggressive force of destruction. When he comes on the table, your opponent can choose to keep one of their Digimon and then delete the rest, and you also have Blitz that allows you to attack on the turn you play him, even if your memory passes the round to your opponent.

Additionally, this character gains +2000 DP when attacking, giving you the ability to digivolve into Imperialdramon: Fighter Mode even when it’s technically your opponent’s turn! This card is a crazy powerhouse that will end your turn with your opponent in a state of vulnerability.

3. Metallicdramon

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One of the key components for the new Dragon Links deck, directed by Hina Kurihara, Metallicdramon is a big bomb that drastically changes the state of the game. Playing this incredible looking sky dragon allows you to de-digivolv all of your opponent’s characters by one, and then completely erase a character with a game cost of five or less.

If your opponent somehow doesn’t get hit by this effect because all of their characters are low level, then this card also prevents your opponent from leveling up in their next turn. The art of this version also shows Hina in her beautiful style without taking away the focus on how Metallicdramon looks like an epic mecha kaiju.

2. Hydramon

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Fans of Bloomlordmon from previous sets have been waiting for this keycard to take the deck to higher realms of power, and Hydramon didn’t disappoint. As one of the few cards from this set to support older decks, this card was much needed to help green players who like the Vegetation Type Digimon.

Bloomlordmon struggles with distance and defense outside of a key card or two, but thanks to Hydramon, you can expose your opponent’s Digimon and put it under its owner’s deck as long as you have two or more floating plant, vegetation, or fairy characters on your side in the Game. Hydramon also gives you a reminder for each of your hung cards and works perfectly with Bloomlord as this deck is all about flooding the board. Get ready to go green!

1st exam

Digimon TCG exam
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Examon, the current outstanding secret rarity from the set, is an awesome Digimon Holy Warrior/Knight Royal for blue-green players that has a powerful archetype in this set. When Examon comes into play, you can put a Dramon card under it to get its inheritable effect, and if you’ve Digitized DNA, you can play a green or blue Dramon card for free!

You should go for the DNA Digivolve since the regular Digivolve cost is pretty high at five. But this guy’s 15,000 DP and the additional ability that lets you unsuspend and suspend an opposing creature once during your turn make this a huge hitter that will win games fast.

As you can see, there are a lot of great cards in this set, whether you buy individual cards or open booster packs, and every card on this list has at least two graphic versions, both of which look amazing. With any of these Top 10 cards of Digimon TCG: Draconic Roar, from tamers to dragons, You will enjoy a fun and strategic game that brings the Digimon anime to life in a tangible card game format. If you’ve played the Digimon video games, try this TCG! Don’t miss it if you haven’t already, you might want to grab some starter decks like Jesmon or Ragnaloardmon and learn more about the top 10 must-have cards from the previous Xros Hearts set!

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