Dying Light 2 Waiting for Matt’s summons The solution is stuck

When you get the main story quest Broadcast in Dying Light 2, you’ll get instructions to wait for a summons from Matt and some of us having trouble at this step. In many playthroughs of the game, I’ve come across situations where Matt doesn’t want to call or summon me. Other times, it is activated immediately. I tried sleeping, doing side quests in the game, and more. Nothing triggers Matt’s summons. After some extensive testing, I think I’ve come to some conclusions. I hope these help you with getting stuck in the step waiting for Matt’s summons in the Dying Light 2 Broadcast quest.

Dying Light 2 Waiting for Matts to Summon a Solution Stuck Streaming Quest

Waiting for Matt’s Summons Step Mission Error Solution

There are many quests in Dying Light 2 at the moment and people can’t complete certain quest steps. I don’t know if this is just a faulty quest step, as there are many, or if it is meant to be. After doing various things in the game, I unlocked Matt’s summon. I believe you need to be in a certain position in the game for the summon to trigger. At the entrance to the Peacekeeper headquarters there is a long corridor through metal containers. The two waits for Matt’s summoning step activated there for me. Just go through the tunnel in the PK Floating Fortress a few times and see if that activates it for you.

Waiting for Summons Mission Wavestep Solution stuck error

Dying Light 2 Wait for Matt’s Summons Quest Completion Step Additional Requirements Possible

It is possible that you also need to be a rank 4 player to unlock it. The quest itself is for rank 4 players. So that could be a trigger. It’s also possible that you need a certain amount of stamina to complete the “wait for Matt to summon” step. This is because you will need it for what comes next in the Broadcast quest. For me, the summons from Matt come when I raise my stamina to 260.


Upgrading stamina can happen in two ways. Through player ratings and through inhibitors. When you level up Player Rank, you will get 20 stamina. Leveling up the player rank is a long process. It requires you to unlock different activities in the open world, like the hideout, the subway station, and the bandit camp. The best way to upgrade stamina is to collect inhibitors. You need three inhibitors to increase stamina by 20 points. They are found everywhere and you can check out our handy map of all sites of Dying Light 2 . inhibitor.

Finally, “Waiting for Matt’s summon” may just need enough in-game time to pass. In any case, if it doesn’t progress after a long time in the game, make sure you go through that tunnel in the POK headquarters and see if it unlocks.

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