Edwin Diaz, New York Mets, injures knee in WBC victory

If I were to ask you ahead of the WBC what team could have a player who not only got seriously injured during the World Baseball Classic but does something non-playing during the WBC that feels like the baseball gods were loaded up and said: “Hey, look at that!” there was only one answer, right? They couldn’t possibly think of anything other than the obvious answer. It’s like asking who’s turn pop eye most likely eats a cheeseburger, or who on The company of three had the wheelbarrow full of cocaine in her trailer (OK, that might actually be tricky). Sometimes the question is the answer.

Ladies and gentlemen, the New York Mets:

Updated: Diaz has torn the patella tendon in his right knee, which requires surgery and cause him to miss the upcoming MLB season, according to Jeff Passan.

This will almost certainly start a very annoying thread about why the WBC shouldn’t exist, but this may have happened to Edwin Diaz getting out of the car, and indeed it’s surprising that a Mets player suffered a devastating injury in March could have anything to do at a baseball field at all. True Mets fashion would have been accidentally clipped by the guy mowing the outfield or a valet driver. It could have happened in a spring training game. Sure, the tournament itself meant a lot to Diaz, but why else would he be a part of these celebrations? It’s really a shame that this came at the end of one of the roughest matches ever in this tournament. a win-or-go home between teams with the most passionate fan bases that actually brought to life the place where the Marlins now play. But we shouldn’t lose sight of that because of terrible luck. That’s all, even with the METS aspect sitting on top of it like a cartoon monkey.

Second, could the Mets be okay? As dominant as Diaz was last season, he’s still a relief pitcher. Sure, he might have leaned on his slider more than ever, permanently turning him into Hulk Eckersley, but he’s also had a career season. One of the Mets’ problems last year was a bridge with Diaz, and they didn’t exactly resolve that during the offseason, but it’s not impossible that David Robertson and Adam Ottavino cobbled together enough for at least a few months before the Mets find something about trade. Nobody will be Diaz ’22, but nobody has to be exactly.

But on the other hand… METS. José Quintana is out until the All-Star break if they’re lucky after that his rib grew a gremlin (benign, luckily). Brooks Raley had to withdraw from the WBC due to hamstring problems. Kodai Senga missed a start in Florida. For as much money as Steve Cohen has thrown around, for as much as he has skewed the game and broken the brains of some of his co-owners, three-fifths of that rotation are over 35, and their season kind of depends on that rotation. There is no amount of money that can cancel out the METS factor. You can’t buy love, you can’t buy happiness, and you can’t buy escape from METS.

This could only have brought more Queens Baseball if Vince Coleman threw a firecracker in Diaz during this celebration. Or when David Cone has exposed himself while he was warming up in the pen and he was so shocked he tripped over the rosin bag and blew his knee out while Mr. Met didn’t protect him because he was too busy ripping off a young girl in the stands. That’s about the only more Mets moment possible.

The sad part is that there will be more than a few owners and GMs who will use this as an excuse to cripple the WBC in the future, prevent their players from appearing, or severely limit their options. If what the tournament really needs should be taken even more seriously and moved to midsummer. Other sports have always dealt with the risk of players getting injured when playing for national teams or training in the off-season or whatever. Baseball is nothing special.

On the other side of the coin… METS. No one at Citi Field can escape their nature.

When you absolutely need a fake tough guy, Jordan Binnington in your man

You haven’t thought about it St. Louis Blues a lot this year, and that’s the way it should be. There is never a point in your life when it would be good to remember that they exist. But just to give a quick update, they had one of the better comedy acts around NHL this year, and his name is Jordan Binnington.

Binnington hasn’t been able to stop a balloon this season, but that hasn’t stopped him from acting like a complete horse’s ass for most of the campaign (a St. Louis tradition!). Ol’ Bins has at various times attempted to blind opponents off the web or throw tantrums after being repeatedly set on fire. Binnington iIt’s no stranger to being a jerk off the ice either. Whichever way you look at it, this guy is a complete douche canoe, to the point where it even is his own trainer called him out in the press to stop being such a tool.

He was there again last night:

There really is no better look than trying to fight a guy after he just scored for you and you gave up five goals in 33 minutes. That was an ongoing theme throughout Binnington’s season. On the other hand, it’s blues tradition to always take care of the things that don’t really matter, so perhaps like Diaz and the Mets, Binnington is the perfect representation of what the term “St. Louis Blues” really means. Down there, being a piss baby is more important than winning and losing. they worship Jadier Molina finally.

https://deadspin.com/mets-edwin-diaz-wbc-injury-puerto-rico-nhl-blues-1850232055 Edwin Diaz, New York Mets, injures knee in WBC victory

Ian Walker

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