Elden Ring Carian Study Hall stairs, reach the Divine Tower of Liurnia

The secret room of the Elden Ring Carian Study Hall staircase is something that many players are unsure how to unlock. You know there must be something behind the stairs, but how do you get there? This is important as the Reverse Carian Study Hall is the only access to the Liurnia Divine Tower. In this guide we will explain how to unlock the secret room of the Carian Study Hall and how to get to the Divine Tower of Liurnia.

Elden Ring Carian Study Hall, reach the Divine Tower of LiurniaElden Ring Carian Study Hall Inverted Room

Elden Ring Carian Study Hall Staircase Secret Room

First, let’s assume you’ve cleared the normal version of the Elden Ring’s Carian Study Hall. This includes killing Preceptor Miriam, the mini-boss in a library, and all ghosts. Make sure you grab all of the loot as well, especially the Cerulean Seed Talisman and the Magic Downpour Sorcery spell. Well, you may have noticed a strange inverted staircase in the Carian Study Hall, and you’re not sure what it’s all about.

Well, these Carian Study Hall stairs are a clue that there actually is an inverted version of the Carian Study Hall. And it has to do with the plinth in the entrance hall. To unlock access to the Inverted Karian Study Hall, you will need a special item – the Karian Inverted Statue or the Karian Study Hall Key. And to get it, you have to go much deeper into the game.

Where to find Elden Ring Carian Study Hall Socket Key, Carian Inverted Statue

As we mentioned before, getting the Carian Study Hall key and unlocking the secret room still has a long way to go. The first thing you have to do is complete the Caria Manor dungeon. This will give you access to new parts of the Lands Between, including Ranni’s Rise, where you have the option to serve Ranni. This starts Ranni’s questline. She will eventually send you to Nokron Eternal City. After you complete a quest for her that involves finding Blaidd and the Fingerslaying Blade, Ranni will give you the Carian Study Hall key.

Elden Ring How to reach the Liurnia Divine Tower

Now when you finally have the Socket Key, go back to the Carian Study Hall. Enter the hall and place the Carian Inverted Statue on the pedestal. A cutscene follows. Now go back to the library again and you will turn it upside down. Make your way through the Inverted Carian Study Hall. Use wall edges and beams until you reach a wooden platform in the middle. Stand in the center to activate the elevator that will take you down to the front door. Open the door and the Liurnia Divine Tower is on the other side. Just go there and this will take you to the Divine Tower of Liurnia. Screenshots courtesy of PerfectParadox.

Very early on in your exploration of the world of Elden Ring, you will find that you need to prepare your character for various tasks. In the course of your adventures you will have to learn how to use Ashes of War, two-handed weapons or magic spells. Many mysteries are also waiting for you, such as: B. An enemy NPC Sellen who won’t let you see her shop, an invisible man in a bush or a giant turtle with a bell that allows you to duplicate some very important items.

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