Elden Ring Patches Chest, Murkwater Cave Location

Are patches in the Elden Ring? Everyone’s favorite dangerous FromSoftware game is back in the Elden Ring! Of course, he’s not good, which you’ll soon find out when you encounter him for the first time. If you are wondering where to find the location of Patches in the Elden Ringand what to do with his chest, this article will walk you through the Complete Patch quest line.

Elden Ring Patches Chest, Murkwater Cave location

Where to find patches in Elden Ring?

Elden Ring Patches – Murkwater Cave Location

Patches the Untethering is a recurring character in all FromSoftware games, so it’s no surprise we’ll see him in the Elden Ring. You will find Patches lurking in Murkwater Caves. To find Patches in the Elden Ring, head to the northeastern shore of Agheel Lake. From there, just follow the riverbed upstream to the north. The riverbed forms a gorge and as you head north you will see a small fire on your left side. That’s the entrance to Murkwater Cave. You’ll need to beat a bloody finger first, then enter the cave. Activate the Cite of Grace inside, and simply head straight to the back of the cave until you reach a larger area with daylight streaming in through an opening in the ceiling. You will see a campfire, two stools, some supplies, and a chest to loot. After looting the chest, Patches will appear.

Elden Ring Patch Chest, Forgive Patches Or Not

The patches will accuse you of being a thief because you took things from the chest and a fight will ensue. It will be a short, and then you will see an option. You can forgive Patches for attacking you or not. No matter what you choose, he will open a shop there where you can buy a number of items specifically for him. Even if you don’t forgive him, you don’t need to kill him.

Once you’ve bought about 2000 Runes worth of things from him, he’ll give you a gift – a special chest for you. The chest will become a trap, which will teleport you straight to an area with some giant bears in Mistwood, just east of Limgrave. When you return, Patches will be surprised to find you alive, but he will continue to sell you items from his shop. He will also give you a Calm gesture as an apology.

Regardless of whether you choose to forgive or not forgive Patches, you can always kill him. If you kill Patches, he will drop a +7 Spear, a Complete Leather Armor Set, and Patches Bell Bearing. If you’re worried that this will lock items out of your store. it will not happen. Just bring the Patche’s Bell Bearing item to Twin Maiden Husks, a vendor at the Roundtable Hold, and they’ll start selling items from his shop. If you want a visual guide to all of this, watch the video Game from Mars ‘Patches!

Elden Ring Patches Chest, Murkwater Cave location
Items you get when you destroy Patches

Very soon when exploring the world of Elden Ring, you will realize that you need to prepare your character for different missions. You will need to learn How to use Ashes of Warhow to two-handed weaponor use Magic throughout your adventure. Many secrets are also waiting for you, such as, Hostile NPC Sellen that doesn’t allow you to see her shop, ivisible man in a bush, or a turtle with bell allows you to duplicate some very important items.

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