End Game Prizes – Monster Hunter, Cuphead and Metroid take home a trophy

Another year, another Game Awards, and while previous years have seen the Super Smash Brothers warrior revealed, the trailers for Breath of the Wild, Bayonetta 3, and more; 2021 is going to be a completely quiet year for Nintendo fans. It wasn’t a bad night for Nintendo, because Metroid Dread took home an award, as well as a few small rewards for Switch fans.

Details have finally arrived about Cuphead’s upcoming expansion, the Delicious Last Course DLC pack, which was announced quite a while ago. Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak has finally got a little more information, and fans even got to see a trailer for the upcoming Lord of the Rings game Gollum, which is slated to launch on Switch next year. after.

There may have been massive revelations, but you can’t win them all, and Nintendo isn’t known for playing by the industry’s rules. When and where we get information about Nintendo’s 2022 games is a mystery, but it’s bound to happen in the most Nintendo way possible.

Here’s our recap of all the Nintendo Switch news from the 2021 Game of the Year Awards:

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Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak News

A new trailer for Monster Hunter Rise’s upcoming expansion, Sunbreak, has revealed a look at the DLC’s location as well as revealing a new character and a new monster. It looks like the adventure will take place on the Elgado Outpost, with sailing possibly part of the journey. Hopefully, this means the return of some of the underwater monsters from the series.

A new female character has been revealed, whose costumes and lines hint they are royalty of some sort. Meanwhile, we also have the reveal of a new werewolf-based monster, Lunagaron. There was even the announcement of an all-new amiibo, with new skins for malamute and palico, as well as an image for the new top monster, Malzeno.

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Cuphead Delicious Course DLC

Years after it was announced, the expansion for Cuphead finally has a date! Scheduled to arrive next year on June 30, it sees Cuphead, Mugman and Miss Chalice take off on another adventure, to the dangerous new location Inkwell Isle. Miss Chalice is a brand new playable character with a new set of moves who, once unlocked, is playable in all previous Cuphead levels.

Of course, there are many new bosses here to test your skills. Not to mention, new abilities are available to unlock for each and every character. There seems to be a huge help of hardcore action here, which any fan of the original Cuphead will be thrilled to play.

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Sonic Frontiers trailer revealed

Matte blue returns next year, on Nintendo Switch and other modern-generation consoles. This latest outing seems to bring an open-world element to the series, with expansive vistas visible and monuments floating in the distance. Sonic has been in need of a change for a while, and if SEGA has to look to Breath of The Wild or Shadow Of The Colossus for inspiration, that doesn’t sound like a bad idea to me. Time will tell and we look forward to hearing more about Sonic Frontiers next year.

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Metroid Dread wins best action adventure game

Although they didn’t have a massive presence, Nintendo made their mark at the awards ceremony, with several nominations, including one for the recently released Metroid Dread. Finally, Nintendo’s only award for this evening, Metroid Dread took home the best action-adventure game, beating titles like Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart, Resident Evil Village and Psychonauts 2.

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Gollum gets a new trailer

A new video game in the world of The Lord of the Rings, Gollum promises to tell the untold story of everyone’s favorite ring-lover and will be available on Nintendo Switch and next-generation consoles current next year. The cinematic trailer doesn’t offer much, but does give a glimpse of the game’s tone and perhaps a gameplay hint. It seems likely that Gollum will be something of a puzzle-player, as the gruesome little vampire roams the shadows and affects the world around him with insidious, violent choices. force.

Well, that’s about the big news for the Nintendo Switch from the 2021 Game Awards, which may be a bit thin, but it’s still nice to see Metroid Dread take home a well-deserved trophy. If you’ve played Dread and need a similar fix, be sure to check out our guide to The best converter Metroidvanias to keep you busy until we get some real Nintendo news…

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