Every day an old lady sees a lonely barefoot set of triplets fishing in a pond and follows them. Let’s see why

One day, an elderly woman who wants to be a loving grandmother is fascinated when her gaze falls on a group of three lonely barefoot triplets playing by the pond near their home. She follows them to find out why they are always alone and discovers something shocking.

Since her son Bradley had moved away from Maine to start a carpentry business, Maisie Hopkins had gotten used to sitting on her window sill in the evenings. It overlooked the pond and allowed her to observe the families who visited, especially the grandparents and their grandchildren.

Maisie was a happy 80-year-old woman looking forward to the day. Her son would tell her that she had become a grandma before she died, just as he had called her husband about a premature heart attack a few years earlier.

That’s why Maisie couldn’t help but approach them when Maisie noticed several triplets were fishing in the pond barefoot and unsupervised, returning home late at night.

The girls appear to be no more than seven and they wore pink floral dresses and round glasses. Hello girls, Maisie greeted as she approached them. A big grin on her face. My name is Maisie Hopkins. I live in one of the houses near the pond. what are your names

Good afternoon Mrs Hopkins. my name is sally One of the girls with the rod introduced themselves as my sisters Beth and Claire. You have a beautiful name, Sally Maisie commented softly. Actually, I’m a little worried about you and your sisters. Did you know that walking barefoot is bad for you, you could hurt yourself, but I don’t want Beth to feel lonely by Sally’s side, so Claire and I decided not to wear sandals, which confused Maisie. I’m sorry, honey. I do not understand. Why should Beth feel this way because she broke her sandals before Sally could finish her sentence?

Beth covered Sally’s ears with her tiny hands and whispered something, Maisie stared at her in confusion, unable to comprehend what was happening. ok tell me one thing sally asked do your parents know you and your sisters come here alone every day sorry but we have to leave sally replied lifting her little plastic tub with some tiny fish that they had caught .

The girls immediately disappeared and Maisie wondered why they were always alone the next day as she watched the girls leave. She followed them to find out why, after following them for a few minutes, she noticed that they stopped at an old, run-down house on the edge of the woods in their area. They opened the door and went inside.

Maisie slowly walked to the door with strenuous steps when she got there. Hello is anyone home. She cried out, breathing heavily as she knocked on the door, I’m Maisie Hopkins. I met Sally and her sisters and brought them something.

Maisie expected an elder to open the door but when the door opened Sally came out. Hello, Mrs. Hopkins, oh honey, can I come in. I’m a bit tired, Maisie asked, the little girl nodded and led her inside. Maisie followed her and she saw the deplorable conditions in which Sally and her sisters lived.

The whole house smelled like rotten fish with an overflowing garbage can in the main room and clothes strewn across the floor. Where are your parents darling, Maisie asked Sally, shocked at the state of the house? Mom doesn’t live with us.

She went to an angel when I was born and dad is on a business trip. He said he would be coming home soon. Oh dear, so you’re alone, Maisie gasped, don’t worry Sally. I can help you and your sisters until your daddy comes home. Okay and guess what I have for you all she said happily brandishing her bag named Beth and Claire quickly.

Got a girl’s new shoes and a delicious pie, really Sally smiled brightly at her. Yes, Maisie reassured her with a smile. Sally ran to her sisters and took them into the living room where Maisie opened her bag and took out the three pairs of yellow shoes she had bought at the market that morning as she helped the girls get dressed and saw how happy they looked. Thank you Mrs Hill Pkans. The little girls cried in unison as they stared at their new shoes and Maisie couldn’t hold back her tears.

At this point she had always wanted to be a grandmother and felt that Sally and her sisters in Disguise were a blessing to her. Shall we have the cake? Girl? Did you happen to eat anything I guess? You probably haven’t eaten properly in a long time, because you’re alone we know how to cook, Mrs. Hopkins said Sally proudly, because Daddy’s away most of the time.

He taught us how to bake delicious cookies for Beth and Claire. We go fishing every day and try new fish recipes. Oh really, Maisie laughed impressed at how responsible Sally and her sisters were for their age. That’s wonderful girls, but starting today, Mrs. Hopkins will be cooking you dinner. Okay okay Sally laughed as from that day on she bit Maisie into a big piece of cake, never had to sit on her windowsill to watch others, kids by the pond because she had three beautiful girls to take care of and who she could spend time with.

However, when several days passed and her father failed to show up, Maisie became concerned. Should I ask Sally for her father’s phone number? I hope nothing bad happened to him. Luckily there was a knock on the door that afternoon and when Maisie opened it she noticed a tall man in his 30s standing there. Hi everyone, du Maisie hadn’t started speaking until he stormed into the house.

What the hell are you and what are you doing here Janet? are you home claire sally beth He screamed at the top of his lungs. Who is Janet? Maisie wondered, sir.

Me, where the fuck are my girls and who are you, I’m calling the police, suddenly Sally, Beth and Claire came running down the stairs, daddy. They cried as they hugged him. Oh honey, are you alright? It didn’t hurt, you got it. No, Daddy Beth said Mrs Hopkins was very sweet.

She helped us while you were gone, which surprised the man where is Aunt Janet. She never came home, daddy. We were alone, only Mrs. Hopkins helped us, Sally explained. The man felt bad for hitting Maisie, I’m so sorry for the outburst ma’am. I don’t know you so I was a little scared.

My name is Leo Hodges. Thanks for helping my daughters, it’s okay young man, I’m Maisie Hopkins and I’m glad I found your daughters while you were gone. But may I ask why you left your girls all alone? I was actually asking my sister to take care of her, ma’am, but I guess Janet didn’t show up. I even paid her for that.

She said she would charge me for babysitting, but she’s not even here. Second, let me just call her when Leo called Janet. It turned out that she deliberately avoided visiting his home because she was on a trip to Vietnam with her friends. Hey Leo, look, I’m sorry. Okay.

She said on the phone. I was, I just needed a break and I’m breaking out Leo. My daughters were home alone, Janet. Do you think it’s a joke? Don’t you dare call me again and yes?

i want the money back He replied and hung up. I’m sorry for that. Maisie comforted him but now that you are home you can be with your daughters and next time you need help you can call me. I live near the pond.

I loved spending time with your girls and honestly it’s been a long time since I’ve felt this happy. My husband passed away a few years ago and my son rarely visits me anymore Mrs Hopkins you can come anytime you want we would love to have you over and thank you for what you have done for my girls . I could never return your kindness, Maisie laughed, you can, how about dinner at my place tonight, you me and the girls. Oh, we love that Mrs. Hopkins. Thank you, see you later.

Maisie gave Leo her address before leaving her house and in the evening she prepared a delicious dinner for them, the main course being a delicious fish curry. From that day on, Leo and his girl would spend time with old Maisie to make sure she never felt lonely. Leah would sometimes come to her house early in the morning for breakfast, and they would often enjoy evening tea together while the girls were one day at the playing in the pond, Leo and his girls were at Maisie’s house.

When Bradley arrived he had intended to surprise Maisie with his visit but it was he who was surprised, or rather shocked, to find Maisie and Leo drinking tea in the garden in front of their house and Sally and her sisters giggling around their chairs .

They all looked so happy and sweet as if they were family and Bradley felt like he was a stranger visiting their home. He got out of his car and was shocked to see his mother so happy with strangers. Bradley Maisie was stunned to see him.

I thought you’d never make time for me how come you who are you mom bradley whispered angrily shut up bradley when you weren’t here leo and his daughters have become family to me that is a long story but never mind, scoffed the Bradley family.

With a big sneer on her lips, never mind Leo, she took the initiative and introduced herself and Bradley reluctantly forced a smile. He was jealous that his mother was so content with someone else and not happy to see him after all these years.

It was at this point that he realized that things like family are far more important than money. He’d left Maisie alone all along and made his work a priority, and he now regretted that Bradley had taken a turn for the better from that day on. He sincerely thanked Leo for staying by Maisie’s side and became good friends with him.

He was also spending more time with Maisie six months later when he and his girlfriend decided to tie the knot after learning they were expecting twins.

The first person to hear this news was Maisie. She was obviously overjoyed when she heard that, not only because she was going to be a grandmother, but also because she had five wonderful grandchildren and two sons, now Leo and his children, and Bradley. His wife and their twins, George and Andrew, who were born nine months later.

https://news.detroitdailynews.com/2022/12/20/everyday-old-lady-sees-lonely-barefoot-triplet-girl-fishing-in-a-pond-and-follows-them-lets-see-why/ Every day an old lady sees a lonely barefoot set of triplets fishing in a pond and follows them. Let’s see why

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