Everything you can do with Nahida’s Elemental Skill in Genshin Impact

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Many Genshin Impact characters are known for their usefulness in and out of combat. For example, Klee, Qiqi, Gorou, and Tighnari mark the locations of their respective region’s local specialties on the mini-map. Venti’s Elemental Skill can transform into a windstream to stubbornly reach high places. Kazuha’s elemental ability can be used to propel himself upwards to make high climbs feel less stressful. Dendro Archon Nahida is no stranger to the utility game either – her Elemental Skill can do more than meets the eye.

How to use Nahida’s elemental ability in Genshin Impact


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Nahida’s elemental ability can be activated by tapping or holding. Through Tap She deals AoE Dendro damage and marks up to eight enemies with the Seed of Skandha. In the meantime, keep The ability allows you to target up to eight enemies to mark them with the Seed of Skandha. She will deal the same AoE Dendro damage upon release. We recommend tapping when enemies are clustering within range and holding when they’re farther away.

All enemies marked with the nearby Seed of Skandha will be linked together. When these bonded enemies are hit by an Elemental Reaction or Dendro Cores, Nahida unleashes the Tri-Karma Cleanse, dealing Dendro damage that scales with her Attack and Elemental Mastery. The effect can only be triggered once.

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Nahida’s elemental ability can be used to harvest materials throughout Teyvat. Stop the elemental ability to target plants or local specialties publication to collect them! This applies to all plants, including non-native specialties like Sunsettia. It also applies to Onikabuto.

Some exceptions add the following:

  • Plants that require a different element to harvest, like Sakura Bloom.
  • Moving objects like scarabs, crabs and fish.

When you run out of resin

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If you’re bored, take Nahida to peek inside NPCs’ heads! Stop their elemental ability to target NPCs publication to hear their thoughts. This only applies to Sumeru NPCs by name. Unnamed NPCs and NPCs in other regions cannot be targeted.

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