EXCLUSIVE: Actress Carla Gugino Talks New Peacock Series ‘Leopard Skin’

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A new crime series is coming to Peacock on November 17th.

“leopard skin” begins with a criminal gang taking refuge in a secluded beachfront mansion after a failed jewelry heist. The property houses two women, Alba (Carla Gugino) and Batty (Gait Jansen) who live together in isolation.

The story gets more complicated after two guests arrive at the estate for dinner. Max, a television producer, and his girlfriend Maru arrive at the house appearing completely unaware of the events that took place earlier that evening.

The eight-episode series follows a dynamic cast of characters through a dangerous hostage situation. With each episode, the tension builds as the characters grow more and more desperate. Murderous secrets, cold-hearted betrayals, and shocking desires are revealed as the characters’ true colors are revealed.

Heavy had the chance to speak to Leopard Skin star and Executive Producer Carla Gugino about the upcoming series.

Here’s what you need to know:

How did Carla get into Leopard Skin?

Carla Gugino Talks New Peacock Series Leopard SkinCarla Gugino Talks New Peacock Series Leopard Skin2022-11-15T01:10:54Z

In our exclusive interview, Carla told us how she was involved with the series and detailed how the cast and crew managed filming amid the Covid-19 pandemic.

She told us: “The way this came about for me was as follows [Director] Sebastian Gutierrez… he said [to me]”What if I could create something where we could film with a group small enough that once we get there…[it] might be conducive to being in a place where once everyone tested negative no one left and we just stayed and filmed all the time. And we did. So that’s how it came to me.”

“I think it would have been interesting and fun and beautiful to shoot in a beautiful location if it was just a silly comedy or something,” she added. “But what made it the most profound experience it was, and I think what makes the show as unique and as powerful as it is, is the fact that we had a show that required all of us creatively, and we were also in an environment that was so conducive to creativity.”

Carla talks about her “Leopard Skin” character

leopard skin | Official Trailer | Peacock originalLeopard Skin will stream on Peacock November 17th: pck.tv/3sAljMu Synopsis: On the run from a botched diamond heist mastermind by corrupt Judge Lasalle (Jeffrey Dean Morgan), a criminal gang (Nora Arnezeder, Gentry White , Margot Bingham) Refuge in the far-off paradise of Playa Perdida, Mexico, on the beachfront estate where two intriguing women, Alba and Batty (Carla Gugino,…2022-11-10T17:00:08Z

In “Leopard Skin,” Carla plays a woman named Alba whose personal background and relationship with her roommate Batty are shrouded in mystery early in the series.

We spoke to Carla about what drew her to the role of Alba and the show in general.

“You know, one of the main themes is identity. And that’s always weird and interesting to me at this point in my life,” she told us. “And just that these, you know, these women bond over the ghost of this very powerful man who is now dead [he] still influences her a lot. And they kind of unravel from being perceived as a reflection of him… and that was really intriguing to me.”

“I just never got around to playing a woman like Alba,” she added. “A woman so fearless in her shadows, hoping to emerge into the light. So I found that to be a really, really interesting journey as an actor.”

Carla also shared the hardest part of taking on the role of Alba.

“I think the most challenging thing about Alba [is]…she does some things that are pretty intense,” revealed Carla.

“I think one of the biggest challenges [is] Always not judging her character because we all see ourselves as protagonists of our own story and heroes of our own story,” she said. “I don’t think she’s actually acting out of cruelty, but she’s in a position where she’s been given a certain kind of autonomy and power by Batty [and] She’s not sure how far she can go with it [it] or what parts of her need[s] the.”

“I think it’s an interesting thing to explore and a scary thing and therefore a challenging thing,” she said. “If you were in an environment with a person who adores you and would do anything for you, what would you ask? And if you weren’t being watched, how would you behave? And one of the things I love about it is that it goes deep into the shadows. And finally the show ends and comes to a place where there is a truly deep belief in humanity.”

Carla on working with a mostly female cast

The cast of “Leopard Skin” is mostly female. Historically there has been a lack of representation in the crime genre, but lately with the rise of series like “Kill Eve” and “the sinner,” There were more women in crime.

We spoke to Carla about the importance of female representation in the thriller genre and her experience working with a predominantly female cast.

“Well, it’s interesting because I would say so “Jet”, which is what I did with Sebastian Gutierrez and Gentry White and Gaite Jansen… It was a real crime thriller turned on its head,” she said. “The main character that I played called Jet was a lot more like what you would normally see, you know, a young Clint Eastwood in or a Matt Damon in. So it was really interesting to play with those preconceptions.”

Carla then explained that while “Leopard Skin” has crime fiction elements, it is at its core a character piece.

“It has criminal elements, but it’s also really a character piece,” she said. “I think in this particular case it’s absolutely an exploration of [the] female psyche in many ways, and that this is probably the more relevant, appropriate point of reference for it.

“I also think that rarely have we ever managed to have a mostly female cast exploring these issues together,” she added. “Women, you know [are] often in a play in relation to a male character.”

“So for me, I’m thinking about the essentials [“Leopard Skin”] is that in a really entertaining play where there’s really a lot of stakes and there’s action and all those things are there, you also really like to unpack a story within a story within a story where you get to the heart of the matter, what is it ultimately about love and identity and self-discovery,” she told us. “This is really interesting to me because I don’t think we can be the most accomplished women without embracing our shadow. And that also belongs in storytelling.”

Carla on what viewers can expect from Leopard Skin

In our interview, we asked Carla what viewers can expect from Leopard Skin.

“Well, I think what’s cool about this piece is that you can’t wait to see where it’s going,” she said. “Everyone I spoke to who saw it said, ‘I had no idea where it was going.’ And that’s always a good thing.”

“It has some real thriller elements…for people who love a good thriller,” she added. “And then again this family of women who somehow finally come together and realize that maybe they’ve been living in this man’s shadow and are now finding out who they are. And you also have the most beautiful location ever.”

Watch the EXTENDED interview HERE.

https://heavy.com/entertainment/carla-gugino-talks-new-series-leopard-skin/ EXCLUSIVE: Actress Carla Gugino Talks New Peacock Series ‘Leopard Skin’

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