Fans are still “processing” the “shocking” RHONY news

Real Housewives of New York City


The Cast of Real Housewives of New York City.

Fan reactions to the announcement of the Real Housewives of New York reboot were mixed.

On March 23, 2022, Andy Cohen revealed the plans to Variety to revitalize the franchise by creating two new shows.

According to Cohen, the reboot will be in two parts and “take into account everything our passionate audience has really told us over the last year.” The plan includes “rebooting and remaking” and then “launching a second RHONY series starring former stars,” the outlet reported.

Fans of the RHONY franchise took to Reddit to share their thoughts on the reboot in a “MEGA THREAD” on the website.

Here’s what you need to know:

Many fans on Reddit liked the idea of ​​2 shows “It really is the best of both worlds”

“I… kinda love it? Maybe I’m crazy, but my mind is open.” someone wrote.

“I’m honestly not mad about it. you kind of get the best of both worlds.” someone answered.

“Honestly, I kinda like that? It allows RHONY to be updated but we can still have our girls on the other show. wrote a fan.

“I thought everyone was going to piss their pants about it. But some don’t seem to like that. I’m not sure why. It really is the best of both worlds.” someone wrote.

Many fans on Twitter weren’t happy with the news, thinking there are now “TWO shows to hate.”

“Andy is so generous to give you TWO shows to hate!! Blessed,” wrote a fan.

“Bravo fans will find something to hate. It’s her only job.” wrote another fan.

“It’s really so shocking lol” commented one fan.Very much so. I’m still processing lol.” replied a fan.

“I’m still not over the #RHONY news. I really don’t know how to take this – part of me is like, ‘Wow!! Two shows?! Amazing!’ And the other half of me is like, HANDS OFF MY OG’S! someone tweeted.

“Tbh we don’t need two #RHONY shows, we just need
@DorindaMedley”, someone tweeted. “Give us a good Ramona take-down season. I promise we’ll all be watching.”

“Being so divided on Rhony feels like the end of an era.” A fan tweeted.

“@andy please please don’t share RHONY” wrote a fan.

“Aside from the fact that the catch is, I don’t see many of the big name women wanting to return to a ‘Landlord’ spin-off. There’s no way Bethenny or Carole will want to join a peacock original of washed-up ex-housewives. We’re bringing in Kristin Taekman & Tinsdale.” A fan pointed this out.

“I don’t want two Rhonys, I just want the old Rhony.” A fan tweeted.

Some fans were either confused or just not sure what they thought of the idea of ​​the two shows.

“I am a little confused,” someone wrote. “Basically, the current RHONY franchise continues, but comes back with a whole new cast, and a spin-off being developed with the old cast? Shouldn’t it be the other way around? lol”

“Just glad we all have this sub to talk about because I’m confused by this too and no one in Ireland would understand,” wrote someone with an a Cynthia Bailey GIF.

“I think that’s a way to make everyone happy … People who want the ‘square white ladies’ will get Ramona, and people who want a more representative and socially conscious cast might get what they want, too.” wrote a fan. “I’ll reserve judgment until I see what these two shows are really going to entail.”

One fan had an in-depth observation of the franchise. “It’s really interesting how much Bravo has delved into the housewife format over the past year. It’s been so consistent for so long. We’ve had dead franchise reboots exclusively on streaming, an all-stars show that was historically totally out of the question, and now they’re splitting a franchise in two.” They write. “I feel like there are concerns that the way the series currently works is outdated and so they’re trying to a) adapt it to a more modern taste and b) at the same time be more responsive to existing fans in order to.” to keep us on board. The Miami reboot was purely fanservik, and it is (no complaints!)”

Some fans have voiced their choice for the name of the new spin-off show, The Ex-Housewives of New York

variety reported that there’s no official name for the second RHONY yet, but “Cohen said it’s referred to internally as RHONY: Throwback or RHONY: Legacy.”

Some fans came up with other ideas.

“The Ex-Housewives of New York” suggested one fan in the thread.

“The First Housewives Club: New York. And then it’s an opportunity to market it in other cities too!” wrote another fan.

“Manhattan (grand)moms!!!!” someone else suggested.

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