Fans could be completely wrong when it comes to Q in Star Trek: Picard

Picard, Q and Q


Picard (Patrick Stewart), Q (John de Lancie) and Q (Gerrit Graham)

Since the beginning of Star Trek: Picard Season 2, fans have speculated about what is going on with the god-like being Q. Brought to life by actor John de Lancie, the character appears to be losing her powers or perhaps ill. There were some clues as to what is going on with the almighty being.

In the second episode entitled “Buses‘, fans get a little better understanding of what’s going on between Admiral Jean-Luc Picard (Patrick Stewart) and his old nemesis Q. In a scene at Picard’s castle in La Barre, France, Picard asked Q if he was “not fine,” but Q simply ignored the question. It was at this point that Picard began to understand that he was not in the same universe he had been operating in since The Next Generation. This place was darker and filled with the skulls of notable characters from many Trek eras.

Next, in episode 4, Q tried to use his powers again. This time he was watching Renee Picard (Actress Penelope Mitchell) read a book in San Francisco. Q’s powers weren’t working and he seemed frustrated. For a fun throwback to some classic TNG episodes, Renee reads The Pallid Son: A Dixon Hill Mystery, the character Jean-Luc loved to portray in the holodeck.

Episode 4

Picard Meets Young Guinan – Star Trek Picard S02E042022-03-24T14:09:37Z

In the following episode “Fly Me To The Moon”, Q has to deal with Dr. Adam Soong (Brent Spiner) together to carry out his plans. Q cannot use powers to stop Renee from going into space.

There are a few theories as to why Q is struggling. Some fans think Q is dying and this is his way of punishing Picard one last time. Some agree that while Q is dying, his ultimate goal is to elevate Picard to godlike status. John Orquiola from ScreenRant thinks Q can’t go against Renee because she’s a “Picard”. Orquiola also believes that Picard may somehow be responsible for the disease, preventing Q from using those fantastic powers.

Q, or rather de Lancie, said decider that his power situation would be revealed, but not quite yet.

“It gave me a kind of secret, and that secret that actors often try to find is to find a secret because it stimulates things a little bit without having to give anything away,” de Lancie said decision maker in a recent interview. “There’s a secret in there.”

Trek fans have seen the most powerful beings in the galaxy lose their powers before. Notably, Q once lost his powers and ran to Picard and the USS Enterprise-D for protection. In the third season of The Next Generation, Q lost his powers because the Q Continuum felt he wasn’t worthy of them and needed a lesson. Until the end of “Deja Q‘ the being did enough good to persuade the Continuum to reverse its decision.

Star Trek: Voyager – Deathwish

1996-02-19: Q continuum road metaphorA better fair use excerpt from ST:VOY S02E18, which is the metaphor to convey why human lives are relatively short and often recycled. February 19, 1996. [Desert road] JANEWAY: That’s the Q Continuum? A road in a desert? Q: I told you that. QUINN: This is a manifestation of the continuum that we…2020-08-12T23:05:45Z

A more direct example of a member of the Continuum losing their powers was in the episode “Star Trek: Voyager”, “deathwish.” This story included another Q (Gerrit Graham) who no longer wanted to live. Q (de Lancie) was involved in enforcing the will of the Continuum, which decreed that no Q could end his own life. According to the continuum, all members must live forever. Captain Janeway (Kate Mulgrew) had to hold an arbitration for the two Qs. Eventually, Q (Graham) was able to give up his powers. After becoming mortal, Q (Graham) killed himself by ingesting a poison provided by Q (de Lancie).

Q (Graham) was vulnerable to anything that could kill a human after losing his powers. He could have lived as part of Voyager’s crew if he had wanted to. Instead he chose to die.

This situation is very similar to that experienced by Q (de Lancie) in “Picard”. It could mean that Q (de Lancie) used the last of his strength to save Picard and the rest of his team from the explosion on the USS Stargazer and is now without them. While he relies on others to carry out his plans (like Soong), he still possesses the massive memory and intellect from his days as an omnipotent being.

Deja Q

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This is exactly what happened to Q (Graham) when Janeway was planning to put him to work star cartography Division on Voyager before his death. Q (de Lancie) was able to create a serum that temporarily cured Soong’s daughter of her genetic abnormalities. This knowledge was beyond Soong, who is considered one of the greatest minds in the world when it comes to genetics.

Viewers may see Q dying, not because of illness, but because the Continuum has drained his powers and he is doomed to die a mortal. And since he can’t transport Picard to the Big Bang (like he did with Janeway in “Death Wish”) or to his courtroom (like in “Encounter at Farpoint‘), he need only use conventional means to teach Picard a new lesson.

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