Feel like performing an uppercut for more momentum

Every golfer wants more power, but how is that supposed to feel? GOLF Top 100 instructor Mike Dickson says this uppercut sensation is the answer.

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Welcome to Play Smart, a regular GOLF.com game improvement column dedicated to helping you play smarter, better golf.

No matter what level of golfer you are, everyone seems to be looking for more performance. But how can you achieve this without sacrificing accuracy? Players who figure this out might feel like they’ve got the golden ticket – because it can be tricky.

One of the most difficult moves in golf is starting the downswing. Even Sam Snead said it was the most difficult move in the swing and many average golfers struggled with it.

Unfortunately not much has changed since 1975.

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Nick Dimengo

Most players’ right shoulder rotates outward toward the ball at the top of the swing, making it look like they’re hooking. This will continue the hand path across the plane and cause the hand to go over the top.

I remember reading an article where Tiger Woods said he felt “like I was doing an uppercut” when talking about his swing. Tom Watson called this movement the “secret” of golf, namely the way the player stays in position throughout the backswing and downswing.

The following exercise should help to imitate exactly this movement. You can do them at home to work on this magical momentum power move.

This uppercut drill can lead to more swing power

In this exercise we will use one of your irons. Place the club across your shoulders with the iron head resting on your back shoulder and the tip of the club pointing up. Make an “X” across your chest with your arms to hold the racquet in place. For this exercise, I like to place a ball on the floor as a reference point.

Next, assume your golf stance, moving from your waist and not bending your knees. You should have a sense of balance that promotes flexibility in the golf swing.

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Nick Dimengo

Now rotate your torso backwards, making sure the grip on your lead shoulder is pointing down toward the ball on the floor. Also, remember to make sure your shoulders don’t rotate straight on the backswing.

The next step is the most important.

You need to replace your left shoulder position with your right shoulder. This keeps you in your stance and prevents your arms and hands from overhanging the plane. When the clubhead is rotated down and forward, it appears as if it is hitting the ball on the ground.

Work your way into your run with the clubhead over your left foot. Repeat this slowly, trying to feel where your balance is and how your whole body is functioning.

By working on this swing power drill, you will see an improvement in both your balance and your ball swing. It’s important to maintain the posture and use the back shoulder to apply the force – which should look like an uppercut.

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