FFXIV Ovibos Milk: How to get and farm in Endwalker

Wondering where to find Ovibos Milk in FFXIV Endwalker? Here’s everything you need to get your Culinarian dreams wild.

While the desolate mechanized plains of Garlemald of the Garlean Empire may not be one of Final Fantasy XIV EndwalkerAt its most breathtaking, it’s home to a host of new items and reagents.

When you have checked Northern herring off the list for your Fisherman quests, and buy enough yourself Berkanan Sap To satisfy the Botanist guild, you might be looking to upgrade your Culinarian skills.

The key to this is another elusive ingredient: Ovibos Milk, so here’s where to find it in the FFXIV Endwalker and what you can do with it once you’ve got it.


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While Garlemald looks beautiful covered in snow, its streets are filled with barbarism.

Where to buy Ovibos Milk in FFXIV

Turns out there are several different methods of getting Ovibos Milk in FFXIV, but each requires a bit of grinding. While transactions look simple at first, vendors don’t deal with Gil, making life a little more complicated.

Ovibos Milk can be obtained in FFXIV by:

  1. Sell two bicolor gems arrive:
    • Zawawa (Garlemald, Camp Broken Glass, X coordinates: 12.9 Y: 30.0)
    • Gadfrid (Old Sharlayan, The Agora, coordinates X: 12.8, Y: 10.5)
    • Sajareen (Radz-at-Han, West Balshahn Bazaar, coordinates X: 11.1, Y: 10.2)
  2. Completing Levequests, but specifically these two (obtained in Old Sharlayan from Grigge):
    • At any temperature (Grade 82)
    • Bobbing for Compliments (Level 82)
    • They decrease from kill Ovibos in Garlemald.
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Being a Culinarian isn’t easy, but with this guide at least you won’t be a bagel idiot.

How to raise Ovibos Milk

If your Warrior of Light starts to develop their Culinarian skills, you’ll have to know how to raise this weird-tasting milk effectively.

The first method is hunting Ovibos in Garlemald, as they can produce milk when killed. While a high proportion of them can be found at the coordinates X: 16.2, Y: 28.0, they are also found wandering around at their leisure.

Alternatively, you can always sharpen to get some Bicolor Gems, which often drop due to winning FATE in the Endwalker area. It is certain that get some friendsHowever, because the more the merrier and the faster you can complete each goal.

FFXIV: Ovibos milk recipe & use

For those interested in the culinary arts, you’ll be able to turn your Ovibos milk into a range of mouthwatering dishes:

Cooking recipe Level
Amra Lassi 82
Garlean Cheese 84
Dark Soup 84
Skyr eighty six
Yakow Moussaka eighty seven
Sykon Bavarois 90
Rare Sykon Bavarois 90 **
Archon Burger 90 **
Beef Stroganoff 90 **
Pumpkin Potage 90 **
Peach Tart 90 **
Sykon Cookies 90 **
Thavnairian Chai 90 **

So that’s how to get Ovibos Milk in FFXIV Endwalker and let your Culinarian fantasies come true! Looking to break the darkness and save Eorzea? Be sure to check out our guides:

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