Final Chapter: Blessed Freedom Battle Guide – Triangle Strategy

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The battle in one of the final chapters of Triangle Strategy: Blessed Freedom unfolds over the bridge of Norzelia Falls, where Idore and his Automaton Knights have used terrible power to drive the Roselle from freedom. You must protect your allied Roselle fighters from falling or it’s game over. To win, all you have to do is defeat Idore. The final battle, Fighting Idore the Irreled, begins once you’ve selected your units.

Unit selection and battle strategy

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jelly will be important as protection for the Roselle units crossing the bridge, but it may be necessary to bring them with you Medina, to cover your primary fighters. As for the healing items she can use, know if you’ve emptied Lionel’s inventory. He will not have refilled after the last fight. A good option is to level up your characters in this battle until you can win there too is not a new mental mock battle to train after the last chapter – just watch your item usage.

Bring Corentin, his ice wall Ability will be able to repel the Automaton Knights on the bridge and add a necessary layer of protection from their stunning movement range and attacks. You can think too juliowhose TP manipulation and powerful advanced abilities like Best Regards and Intimidate proved very useful in the endgame.

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hughettes immobilization Abilities, the magic of Ezana and Narve, Archibald’s Inescapable Arrow ability, which targets every square on the stage – all of these would be great options for the final fight, but bring Frederica along for her power Scorch Ability that can damage multiple enemy units. This is especially useful when heading up the narrow stair hill and through the enemies to Idore.

Dismiss the Automaton Knights on the bridge

Your group starts in a block on the bridge but can also be placed in the squares leading up the hill to Idore. You face three allied Rosellan units – a level 33 healer, archers and…well, a normal Rosellan – who you will protect as they make their way yellow squares at the opposite end of the bridge. Idore, level 35, is guarded by two Hyzantine healers of his own, two pikemen, two blades, and two level 33 shield bearers with the promise of elite buffs.

Further down the stage, above the waterfall, are two Archers and three Automaton Knights at the recommended level of 33. Just before the battle begins, Idore will throw Ice Blocks onto the bridge, limiting the Roselles’ escape to the value of a tight square will of passage. If you have Archibald with you, his Inescapable Arrow Ability can be able to significantly reduce archers’ health. Keep Julio next to you as you cross to refill him with TP for another inevitable dart or two.

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Idore will also rush any enemy units, so be prepared. You can even counter the measure with a fleet-footed Quietus, which increases all allies’ movement by two – or use a Lightwave Quietus to move an ally anywhere within eight squares. Four soon enough Elite Reinforcement will arrive in the form of a level 34 Battlemage, Rogue, Pikeman and Healer, followed by another level 34 Blade and Bowman, making Idore all the more difficult to defeat.

Defeat Idore the Blinded

Once you’ve met the Automatons, defeating them won’t be a problem if you have three fighters with excellent moves ready to fight them together. But when you get close to Idore, he uses Raging Winds to deal wind damage to your units. Make sure they have high enough magic defense to withstand his attacks. He can also cast TP Region, which grants 1 TP to every enemy in range.

Eventually you’ll be able to lead Idore and finish the fight, but tackle every enemy unit if you want the experience for your New Game+ and congratulations on winning the final battle of Triangle Strategy! Enjoy the ending brought about by your beliefs.

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