Find Misdreavus in Pokemon Legends Arceus

Catching Pokemon has probably never been as fluid and straightforward as it was in Pokemon Legends Arceus, but some of them are still hard to find. The mischievous Misdraevus, for example, is much less common than you might expect. It spawns in several places in the game and you can get it by stealth and using a Great Ball or alternatively an Ultra Ball. Speaking of which, let us introduce you to positions where you can find Misdraevus in Pokemon Legends Arceus.

Map of locations to find Misdreavus in Pokemon Legends Arceus

Find Misdreavus in Pokemon Legends Arceus

Where to find Misdreavus in Pokemone Legends Arceus

Misdreavus can often be found in Coronet Plateau, especially in Celestica Ruins, Sacred Plaza and Stonetooth Rows. Another potential location is Bonechill waste at Alabaster Icelands. Make sure you hunt it at night, as it mostly spawns then. Remember that Misdreavus is quite aggressive. It will attack you if it notices you, so stealth is your best friend. If you end up in a fight, remember that Misdreavus is not a very strong Pokemon. Dragon-type Pokemon work great, but you can easily knock it down by accident. This is why we recommend just being careful and using Awesome Balls (Pole).

What can you do with Misdreavus when you find it

There are three reasons why you need Misdreavus. First, of course, you have to catch them all! Second, it’s relatively easy to level up to Mismagius. There is no level limit, just use Dusk Stone and voila! And thirdly you will need it for Misdreavus Muse hairstyle quest which you can get from Arezu in Jubilife Village. As always, don’t forget to check Guide to Pokemon Legends Arceus for more! Find Misdreavus in Pokemon Legends Arceus

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