Firestick code in CoD Black Ops 3 Zombies Chronicles

Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 was perhaps most notable for its Zombies mode. While many other CoDs have zombies, Black Ops 3 saw the return of some of the best maps the game mode has ever had, including the Origins map. As with Call of Duty: Vanguard’s Decimator Shield, Elemental Staffs can be found and used throughout the Origins map for deadly results, but the Fire Staff is the most difficult to obtain. In addition, upgrading the staff is an even greater challenge.

How to get Fire Staff in CoD Black Ops 3 Zombies Chronicles

Before worrying about the troubles of upgrading the firefighter’s staff, you should acquire the weapon first. To do this, you must collect the three components of the staff, the elemental crystal, the gramophone, and the necessary records to allow the gramophone to access the correct areas.

How to get the Fire Staff components and gem in CoD Black Ops 3 Zombies Chronicles

The three components of the staff and the elemental gem are spread across different areas, but the instructions below will guide you:

  • The first staff component is in the reward box next to the 6th generator. However, it does not appear until the generator is turned on.
  • The second staff component will spawn next to the soul box closest to the dig site, but only after removing the bright orange plane in the map’s sky.
  • The third staff component is the easiest and requires the tank to be destroyed on turn 8 to obtain it.
  • The elemental gem is in a socket in the Crazy Place area. However, it is not accessible until you have the Gramophone and the Red Record.

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How to get the gramophone and red disc in CoD Black Ops 3 Zombies Chronicles

The gramophone and related recordings required by firefighters do not require much search or strategy:

  • You can find the gramophone on the ground in the dig site. It always spawns at this point.
  • The record required to reach the correct areas for staff is the Red Record, but it can be more difficult to find due to its different spawns. It can be found in the tank between crates, on the stairs upstairs, or on the church pews across from the pool.

After collecting all the components and reaching the Crazy Place, go to the lowest level of the dig site. A socket allows you to create the fire staff and use it as a deadly weapon. Unfortunately, this was the easy part of the Fire Staff quest line as upgrading the staff is a much more difficult task.

How to upgrade the fire staff in CoD Black Ops 3 Zombies Chronicles

In order to upgrade the Fire Stick, you need to solve a series of puzzles of varying difficulty. The first of these two is a puzzle/minigame where you have to kill 30 zombies in the area of ​​the four cauldron Crazy Place. To complete this mini-game you must use the fire stick to kill zombies standing on the bars in the room. This fills the four cauldrons.

The second puzzle is probably the hardest, as you’re tasked with matching the correct number using torches and a series of symbols, each in a different location. Go into the church basement and you will find seven torches with numbers underneath. Symbols will light up above this room, on the opposite wall. Using the glowing symbols, you must determine which torches to light with the fireman’s baton, as each glowing symbol corresponds to a specific number. Below is a list of all numbers and the corresponding symbol:

  • Three: Two horizontal circles, the first colored, the second open.
  • Four: Two horizontal circles, both colored.
  • Five: A circle followed by two vertical circles, all colored.
  • six: Two vertical circles followed by a circle, the first two colored, the third open.
  • seven: Two vertical circles followed by a circle, all colored.
  • Eight: Two vertical circles followed by two more vertical circles, all colored.
  • Nine: Three horizontal circles, the first colored, the last two open.
  • Ten: Three horizontal circles, the first and the last colored, the center open.
  • Eleven: Two horizontal circles followed by two vertical circles. When the first horizontal circle and the two vertical circles are colored, the second horizontal circle opens.

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After making the right decisions, Samantha will praise you and signal that you’ve solved this painful puzzle. Next, go to the dig site to line up the big blue rings. This will align the red light lines and create a ball that needs to be shot with the staff. Go back to the Crazy Place and place the staff on the pedestal. Kill 20 zombies around the staff so it can absorb their souls. Once this task is complete, the staff can be picked up again and show off its final enhanced form.

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