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Missions in Call of Duty: Warzone DMZ become more complex and difficult as you level up. Flyboy is a Crown Tier 4 mission that tasks you with killing AI soldiers and real players while in a helicopter. The mission is very challenging, but there are different approaches. And yes, it can even be played solo.

Flyboy Mission DMZ

  • Kill 14 enemies from a helicopter in one mission.
  • Kill 3 Riot Shield enemies from a helicopter.
  • Kill 5 Operators (real players) from a helicopter.

Where can I find a helicopter in the DMZ?

Helicopters only spawn on the Al Mazrah map, so this mission cannot be completed on Ashika Island. In general, only one light helicopter will spawn in each game, and you should opt for it as soon as you deploy it so that enemy players don’t get it first. The most well-known spawn points for Light Helo include Akhdar Village, Sa’id City, Al Mazrah City, Al Bagra Fortress, Rohan Oil, and Taraq Village.

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Another thing to keep in mind here is that you should try to keep your chopper health above 70 percent. If necessary, visit a gas station that doesn’t have bots and repair the vehicle just by hovering over it with your mouse. You can also take gas cans with you to refuel the Helo on the go.

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How to kill enemies from a helicopter

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The first task is quite easy as you have to eliminate 14 bots from a helicopter in a single match. You can tell your teammate to keep the vehicle steady over an area where there are bots while you take them out one by one. If attempting this alone, park the helicopter in a safe spot away from the bots so they don’t damage the vehicle. Now change seats and eliminate them to complete this task. The bird doesn’t necessarily have to fly, making this mission accessible to solo players.

How to kill Riot Shield enemies from a helicopter

As you may know, enemies with Riot Shield can only be found in Strongholds. There are several ways to kill them:

  • Tell one of your teammates to unlock the building with a Stronghold Keycard and lure the Riot Shield bots out. Now take out these bots by shooting their exposed body or using explosives from the helicopter.
  • If you’re alone, lure out the bots yourself and quickly head back to the chopper. Get in the vehicle, swap seats and kill the enemies.
  • Solo players can also drop deadly drill charges from the helicopter to kill bots without opening the keep, but this method isn’t as effective.

How to kill operators from a helicopter

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The final mission for the Flyboy mission is to kill 5 enemy operators from a light helicopter. Pick up hunting party Contracts and track down the operators to kill them. This can get tricky when the enemy force you’re chasing knows what they’re doing. If they start shooting back, abandoning them is better than losing your chopper.

You can use a sniper rifle, a long-range assault rifle, or even launchers to take out enemies from afar. Even running over enemies with a helicopter counts towards this challenge. Doing this task alone is difficult, but definitely possible. You can park your vehicle at a suitable vantage point, preferably at some altitude and close to an exile, and try to snag enemy players while in the chopper. Completing this mission will reward you with the Police Academy Key, which you need for the White Lotus Tier 5 Clean House mission.

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