Former Met Police Officer becomes a STRIPPING cop upon retirement

A former Met cop has found a new passion after 30 years in law enforcement — stepping up as a stripping cop instead.

Michelle Walton, 51, from Yarmouth on the Isle of Wight, served in the British force for three decades and dealt with tough crime and strict rules.

But she always liked the idea of ​​stripping and even took a year off to work in a topless bar in Australia in the late ’90s.

Now, having retired in 2020, she is part of a cabaret group and strips naked at charity events.

Picture left: Michelle when she joined the force in 1989 where she spent seven years with the Met Police. Right picture: Michelle now enjoys stripping down as a police officer

Michelle throughout her long police career – she took unpaid leave to work as a naked waitress in Australia in the ’90s but was ‘careful of who she told’.

Michelle makes sure to fit her old career into her routine.

She wears a police uniform, uses handcuffs and a baton – and arrests viewers for being “too sexy”.

Michelle said: “For me, stripping is about woman empowerment and loving yourself.

“I’m not an experienced dancer, I just love my body and love taking off my gear after 30 years of limiting what I can and can’t do.”

Michelle says she joined the Metropolitan Police as a cadet in 1989 at the age of 18.

She then became a PC with the force in August 1990, working in south-east London before joining Hampshire Police seven years later.

Michelle says she loved her job and because of the nature of her work, she was always aware of what she did in her free time.

Despite this, she took a year of unpaid leave in 1999 while working as a topless barmaid.

Wanting to see the world when she was young, she chose Australia to fly on her travels.

There she worked in a sleazy bar for a year and made as much money as if she had worked as a police officer in the UK.

Now and then: Michelle has lost several pieces of her uniform over the years but still “arrests” people – pictured now and pictured left during her first days with the force

Michelle claims she’s “not a good dancer” but loves to undress after decades of restrictions on what she can and can’t do in her free time

Michelle would have used real batons and handcuffs throughout her career, but she has now swapped them for plastic batons at the age of 51

Michelle said: “When I came to Australia I needed a job so I became a skimpy barmaid, which meant working in pubs in underwear and then showing my boobs for money.

“My work evolved into topless and nude waitresses, but there was never any groping or sex involved.

“My clients have been everything from business people to biker gangs – I’ve met so many different people while I’ve been out there.

“I’ve had multiple boob surgeries, some of which didn’t go quite to plan, but I love my body and I’ve had so much fun while making great money.”

So far this year, Michelle has done five charity shows with her group, earning hundreds of pounds for a variety of causes while stripping across the Isle of Wight

She said that during her time as a topless waitress, she made more than she did as a cop at home

Michelle loved the freedom to remove her gear but had no illusions that when she returned to the police force she would have to be careful who she told about her experiences.

She then spent the rest of her career in Hampshire before retiring in 2020.

“Coming back to the UK felt like a reality check, but I loved my job as a police officer so it wasn’t the end of the world,” she continued.

“I returned to work, where I served another twenty years, specializing in the areas of domestic violence and vulnerable adults.

“And I ended my career in public protection, where I looked after registered sex offenders.

“After thirty years of confinement, it felt surreal to be able to act without fear of it affecting my career.

“I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do but remembered the fun I had in Australia and was dying to find something similar here in the UK.”

After thirty years of confinement, Michelle said it felt “surreal” to be able to act without fear it would affect her career

Michelle settled down with husband John Walton, 56 – who is also a former police officer – after retiring from her career.

In a previous marriage, she had attempted three rounds of IVF after being unable to conceive – but unfortunately unsuccessful in her attempt to start a family.

With plenty of free time and a healthy police pension, Michelle explored different ways to spend her retirement.

She started taking sexy snaps of other women to help them feel more confident and started her own lingerie photography business.

To help her with her new job, she found it useful to learn some seductive moves and poses so she could guide her clients in their photo shoots.

So she joined a small burlesque dance class where she learned group dances and was encouraged to create her own solo show.

The ex-officer says she will do “what makes her happy” as long as she lives and encourages others to do the same

It was there that Michelle got the idea of ​​becoming a police stripper and later joined the Isle of Wight charity cabaret club.

The club is a group of cabaret artists who perform at charity events throughout the year – and Michelle has been invited to strip naked as part of the show.

She said: “I created a stripping copper routine since I already have the baton and handcuffs!

“My routine is to walk up to the stage, wave around with two blue lights, then climb into a chair and pretend he’s directing traffic, then remove my first layer of clothing.

“Then I step into the audience and hand out tickets for the offense of being ‘too sexy’.”

“Then I handcuff someone in the audience, drag them onto the stage, pretend to search them, wrap police tape around them, and then do what looks like a lap dance around them.

“The music changes and I pull out my baton, wave it around, smack it on my butt, then start removing my belt, get dressed, finally remove my bra, wave it around, then go with the two blue lights.” on my off stage boobs.

“I do these shows mostly for charity and not for money, so it’s all for a good cause!

“My boudoir photography business encourages confidence in the body and love for yourself, just the way you are.

“We are all different shapes and sizes and we should be proud of our bumps, bumps, scars and cellulite.

“I’m more than happy to show my boobs because I’ve spent a lot of money on them over the years – around £20,000.”

So far this year, Michelle has done five charity shows with her group, raising hundreds of pounds for a variety of different causes.

She says she loves her new police stripper act and has no plans to hang up her handcuffs any time soon.

“I’m telling my story because I’m proud of my achievements and what I’ve done,” said Michelle.

“I hope it inspires other women to love their own bodies, no matter their shape or size.

“I’m sure there will be people who will judge me and think I’ve done something wrong – but I don’t care.

“I’ll just do what makes me happy as long as I live and I would encourage everyone to do the same!”

Michelle is also a self-published author and wrote a book to deal with the fact that she couldn’t have children – called All Because the Lady Loves Wedding Cakes. Former Met Police Officer becomes a STRIPPING cop upon retirement

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