Fortnite Capture the Flag Codes (April 2022)

Capture the flag is a well-known type of play, both personally and in games. It almost always appears in games that allow mods, and it’s always fun! The premise is simple: steal the flag from the enemy base, bring it back and don’t get caught! When modded into shooter games, it adds a layer of difficulty to this famous classic team fight as you can be tripped from a distance!

Fourteen days is no exception. Luckily we know each other well Fourteen days‘s Creative Mode and have put together an excellent list of Capture the Flag maps to explore with your friends.

Fortnite Capture the Flag Maps List

  • Nootnu’s Halo Cards: Several
  • Temple Garden CTF: 7059-4411-2493
  • Capture League CTF: 0333-6772-3125
  • 16v16 CTF/Team Deathmatch: 2305-1432-8599
  • Capture the Flag – Pirate Edition: 0016-9668-7247
  • blood canyon: 9677-6974-5646
  • FN Bombers capture the Extreme flag: 0130-4744-6606
  • The Passage – Reverse Capture the Flag: 8561-3698-9561

Nootnu’s Halo Cards

A map maker called Nootnu has released three maps based on the classic Halo maps of yesteryear. While they don’t all capture the flag, we’re including all three in this list because they’re still great cards to play with. If you’re feeling a little nostalgic for the old Xbox days, throw a big party to try all three cards!

Halo: The Pit – King of the Hill Code: 8336-2950-4431
Halo: Battle Creek – Capture the Flag Code: 9563-4573-0185
Halo: Blood Gulch – Capture the Flag Code: 7555-3841-5190

Temple Garden CTF

If you’ve ever seen the Legends of the Hidden Temple show, maybe this Capture the Flag card will hit your nostalgia button. In this map, you’ll be placed in a jungle temple-style battle zone and have to choose which team you want to be on: the Blue Dragons or the Red Serpents. Once you’ve done that, you’ll need to fight your way to the other side, use the free cover, and return the other team’s flag. This is a small map that’s packed with action, especially when you fill the max player limit!

Code: 7059-4411-2493

Screenshot of Pro Game Guides

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Capture League CTF

This is a well-designed Capture the Flag map that offers game mode and map choice options for its players via a voting system. Once votes come in (which doesn’t take long), players compete against each other in their chosen game mode. We picked this card as one of the best because it ticks all the right boxes for a good CTF card: lots of choices, high replayability, and great level design.

Code: 0333-6772-3125

16v16 Capture the Flag / Team Deathmatch

The level design might be big and clunky, but this map is perfect for large teams that just want to get in and crush everything in their path while trying to capture the other team’s flag. This map gives you access to vehicles and equal weapons for all players, helping to balance fun, simplicity, and fairness. This map is ideal for large parties as it can accommodate up to 32 players!

Code: 2305-1432-8599

Capture the Flag – Pirate Edition

On this map you play in one of four pirate teams, each fighting to be the most seaworthy crew. The only thing better than capturing an opponent’s flag is capturing an opponent’s pirate Flag. Raise your Jolly Roger flag and show your opponents that the seas are yours!

Code: 0016-9668-7247

A capture-the-flag pirate map in Fortnite.

blood canyon

You might notice our reference to halo 3 in the map below, but PGG user AwesomeTiger444 drew our attention to a true one halo 3 Conquer the flag map! This is a replica of one of the most popular gloriole Maps: Blood Gulch. Strike your nostalgic prankster and rediscover what you’ve been missing for years. Or, if you’ve never played any of them gloriole Play, capture the flag on this map to see what made it so great!

Code: 9677-6974-5646

The Blood Gulch Fortnite map.

FN bombers capture the Extreme flag

Capture the opposing team’s flag Place! This galactic-themed map gives you all the bells and whistles to make the experience exceptional. You have six classes to choose from and power-ups to collect as you traverse the map. We may be biased towards space maps (in case you haven’t noticed the multiple references to ). gloriole on this list), but we guarantee this will be one of the best maps you’ve played in recent history!

Code: 0130-4744-6606

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The Passage: Reverse Capture the Flag

For those of us over 30 – Remember to gamble Capture the flag at Halo3? This card will invoke the nostalgic feeling of the classic red vs blue cards you used to play. You’ll almost want to buy the Master Chief Fortnite skin (assuming you don’t already have it) to play this map. This map has been well designed and is perfect for playing with fast-paced fury music. Listen!

Code: 8561-3698-9561

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