Fortnite Murder Mystery Codes (April 2022)

If you’ve been looking for the best Fortnite Murder Mystery maps for you and your friends, then look no further! In our Murder Mystery Codes list, we offer the best

Fortnite Murder Mystery Maps list

Here is our list of Fortnite’s Best Mystery Murder Codes:

  • Pro Murder Mystery – 8 Reels: 6571-0741-2073
  • Bloody Mines – Murder Mystery: 9736-4845-6318
  • The Nightmare Forest: 0203-9687-0056
  • murder swap: 5893-2263-5834
  • Minecraft Murder Mystery: 1892-1509-8081
  • playhouse: 9850-2841-2309
  • Mansion – Crime: 9850-2841-2309
  • Gamerz’s Aquarium!: 6132-9723-4875

Pro Murder Mystery – 8 reels

What makes this Murder Mystery map stand out from the crowd is that it has more roles than the standard murderers and survivors. On this map you can be a killer, detective, clown, doctor, peely, witch, skeleton or seer. These roles each have their own special skills and motives, and your goal is to use your skills to your team’s advantage in order to win!

Code: 6571-0741-2073

Screenshot of Pro Game Guides

Bloody Mines – Murder Mystery

The aesthetic of this crime map is perhaps the best part. In Bloody Mines you find yourself in an abandoned mine where you have to tread carefully and keep a keen eye on the killer controlled by another player. The mechanics are pretty standard, including the survivors, the killer, and the pistol-wielding detective. If you’re looking for a whole new look in a card that follows classic Murder Mystery mechanics, this one is perfect for you!

Code: 9736-4845-6318

The nightmare forest

In this Murder Mystery map, you play as either a murderer or a survivor. However, what sets this apart from other crime maps is how you survive. Instead of killing the killer, the survivors must find other escape routes. Each method requires you to complete specific tasks or acquire equipment. For those of us familiar with the game, this form of Murder Mystery is almost identical to the Friday the 13th game. Do you think you’ll make it out alive?

Code: 0203-9687-0056

murder swap

This is a map with quite a twist! They have all the normal roles: innocent, sheriff, and murderer. However, if the sheriff or killer is eliminated, that role is switched to one of the innocent players. This adds a whole new dimension to this map style. You could trust a player once, but once the trade happens, you may not be able to trust them now! So this one will keep you busy and give more players a chance to play the fun roles.

Code: 5893-2263-5834

Minecraft murder mystery

If you love Minecraft and Fortnite then this combines them into one awesome looking map. It’s crazy how Minecraft makes it look. It’s especially similar if you’ve ever had a flat minecraft texture pack! This is another crime thriller where you can collect coins by doing different tasks like mining and collecting coins from the car farm. Use these coins to buy some weapons to protect yourself from the killer!

Code: 1892-1509-8081


If you’re looking to try your luck at finding the killer in an RGB-lit playhouse, then this is the map for you. The map is pretty dark so you’ll need to get your flashlight out to see where you’re going. People might be hiding around corners so be alert not to get caught! This map supports five players, so it’s a bit small, but that adds a bit of excitement.

Code: 9850-2841-2309

Mansion – murder mystery

In this large Murder Mystery Mansion you walk through different floors of a luxurious house. You can bring 4 to 16 players to participate in this one, one of those players will be a killer and you will have to work with the detective to find out who it is!

Code: 9850-2841-2309


The Gamerz Aquarium!

Having a crime thriller set in an aquarium is a great idea! Not only that, this one has an added trick. You can earn coins while surviving through the map. That means you can eventually buy yourself a weapon to defend yourself with. Surviving a kill gives you 100 gold, and surviving a minute gives you 50 gold. These coins can be used to loot a Revolver, Flint, Harpoon, Sniper Rifle, Pulse Grenade, and Slurpfish! These are obviously very useful for escaping and taking out the killer.

Code: 6132-9723-4875 Fortnite Murder Mystery Codes (April 2022)

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