Fortnite YouTube star Ceeday returns after a two-year hiatus with a goal

He was once one of Fortnite’s biggest names, but Ceeday disappeared without a trace in February 2020. Still, nearly two years on from the start of his hiatus, he’s back with an entry. Goal in mind: Get my YouTube diamond play button, no matter what it takes.

Ceeday is one of the top Fortnite creators, basically since day 1. American YouTuber has grown from a few thousand views on his Destiny 2 and Overwatch content to millions playing the battle royale game that took the word by storm. year 2017 to present.

However, as 2020 is called in, Ceeday’s feed slows down. By the time February arrived, he was gone. His last upload,”mythical ceeday,“Reaching 14 million views as fans raise hopes for a comeback.

Then in a Christmas miracle on December 25, 2021, he finally broke his two-year hiatus.

Fortnite YouTuber Ceeday in real life
YouTube: Ceeday

Two years after leaving YouTube, Ceeday is back to hitting his goal of 10 million subscribers.

“It’s not easy to explain an absence of almost two years ⁠— and let’s be honest, the past two years have not been the usual two years. It’s been a constant butt hit the whole time,” Ceeday opened his 17-minute comeback.

“While the world is literally ending before our eyes, the last thing on my mind is ‘when am I going to drop this new Fortnite video?’

“Don’t help me get started with Fortnite. Can we please, as a community, act like Chapter 2 didn’t happen? The state of the game, plus what was happening in the world at the time, was the perfect storm to keep me from going back to YouTube. ”

The star admits Fortnite’s Decline in Chapter 2 However, that’s not the only reason he’s shunned content creation. The star became enamored with the idea of ​​YouTube in general, although he accepted it rather quickly.

He also has no intention of coming back — even though fans are getting excited over a teaser on Instagram in August 2020.

“Obviously I fell out of love with YouTube and making videos. The time between each upload is longer, and you know what? It’s normal. After doing something literally for a long time, it becomes repetitive and loses what made it interesting in the first place. “

However, Ceeday believes this is his “last chance to get serious” and has one goal on his YouTube channel: Get a diamond play button.

The star now has 6.78 million subscribers — same as when he left in February (even though he lost 60,000 in the interim) ⁠— get more than 3 million from that 10 million subscriber bonus.

If he can finally get there, he can feel proud of what he has been able to achieve in his 5 years on the platform.

“I’ve never shown any arrays on my YouTube before, and that’s because I haven’t claimed them yet. I say this so you guys know that until I hit the 10 million mark and get the Diamond play button, I feel like I don’t deserve the other two. [100k and 1 million],” he admitted.

“There may be tough patches where you won’t see me for a while, but until I can hit that 10 million goal, there’s no way I’m going to quit forever.”

Ceeday is also willing to do whatever it takes to get there. While he became his star after Fortnite, the YouTuber doesn’t rule out a change in speed—especially if Fortnite Chapter 3 flat finish.

“I will be back again, and again; maybe I’ll try something new, but YouTube will have to ban me to stop me from trying.” Fortnite YouTube star Ceeday returns after a two-year hiatus with a goal

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