Friendship between siblings: Yully Hernandez explains her sister Bond

There is nothing better than having a built-in best friend like a sister. After all, it says yes Friends come and go, but family is forever. Yully Hernandez, a New Jersey-based digital creator and fashion, beauty, lifestyle and travel blogger, understands the sentiment all too well given how close she is to her sister, Lilian Skolik. “We’ve always been close since we were little,” says Yully. “We’re only a year apart, so we basically grew up together.”

I moved so much growing up, I changed high schools four times and I always had to change boyfriends, so basically she was my closest friend.” And that still holds true to this day, as Yully adds that their relationship has grown even better as they’ve aged has become stronger. So much so that the two often do what they love best together: travelling.

The two recently bought an apartment together – their first in the Dominican Republic. They also make it a point to do something together at least every two months, whether it’s camping or going to the Poconos with friends in the winter. Yully adds, “Basically, all of our activities always converge!”

Yully and Lilian (Black and White)

Yully Hernandez (left) and her sister Lilian Skolik (right)

When it comes to Yully and Lilian’s relationship, they might be luckier than most as they both happen to enjoy the same things, which can make getting along with a sibling that much easier. Yully doesn’t take this fact lightly and is grateful that she and her sister have managed to stay close all these years.

But just because they have similar interests and tastes (Yully says they both like “fancy things” and can get tired of people quickly) doesn’t mean they don’t have their share of differences. While Yully enjoys creating content for Instagram and taking photos, Lilian prefers to run her own business, a homecare agency based in New Jersey.

They also share slightly different tastes when it comes to jewelry. Yully likes to wear larger earrings, while Lilian prefers smaller, minimalist pieces. But just because they like different styles of jewelry doesn’t mean Lilian doesn’t go out of her way to give her sister jewelry that she loves to wear. In fact, one of the things Yully loves most about having a sister is. “There are things I like that sometimes I can’t afford and because Lilian is her own boss, she goes and buys them for me. So there are advantages to being her sister,” says Yully.

Lilian adds, “Our taste in earrings is really the only thing that’s different because Yully likes to wear huge earrings. I don’t like them, but I bought them for her because I know she likes them.” But despite their differences, they remain “very, very connected,” says Yully.

This is in large part due to how intertwined their lives are. In addition to their shared apartment in the Dominican Republic, their husbands also work together. It makes sense given how family oriented both Yully and Lilian are. “We always meet every weekend,” says Yully. “I go to her house, she goes to the mine and she helps me create my Instagram content by taking my photos. We’re in each other’s lives practically every day – even if we fight a lot,” says Yully, laughing.

Yully and Lilian (earth tones)

Yully admits that she’s usually the one to start arguments over borrowed clothes, although she admits that her sister’s wardrobe is better than hers. I’m the one who fights when I want my stuff back,” she says. “But when I have something from Lilian, I don’t mind.” “When we were younger, my mother bought the two of us the same outfit,” adds Lilian. “Yully used to wear hers more often than mine, so mine always looked the best and we fought about it.”

As adults, they are much better (albeit faster) at resolving disputes. “Yully is the one who always sends a long text to apologize,” says Lilian. “I know I’ll get that from her two days later if anything happens. It’s always the same, but I always forgive her. And even their husbands recognize this pattern.

Lilian says: “If I say something about Yully, he [my husband] doesn’t want to interfere because he knows we’re going to argue for five minutes and then put on makeup.” “You know how we are,” Yully adds. “They don’t want to get involved in our arguments because they know we’ll talk the next day as if nothing happened.”

Yully and Lilian hold hands

It’s easy to see how, in some cases, sisters can allow fights to ruin relationships. But to avoid that, Lilian offers valuable insight. “Sisters are like best friends,” she says. “Even if you want to get rid of her, you can’t because it’s your blood. They will always be there no matter what.”

Yully agrees, adding that in your ups and downs, ups and downs, your sister is the one who always shows up. “Friends come and go, some stay, but when you give birth in a hospital like I did, my sister was there,” she says. “There were no friends there, so it’s important to remember that life is short, make amends when you fight and enjoy those you love.”

Lilian recalls when she suffered her second miscarriage in May and shared that “Yully was the first person to be there for me.” Lilian had to have surgery in June, and even during that time when she was alone wanted to be, Yully let Lilian know she was there for her. “She’s there for everything,” says Lilian. “I could call Yully at three in the morning if I needed her and she would come to my house.”

Yully and Lilian (orange outfits)

“Her husband calls me wife because I call her at 8:30 every morning,” Yully adds. Both sisters say there is a degree of comfort in knowing that you always have someone in your corner, ready to offer advice whenever you need it. Anytime Yully has a question about what to post, Lilian is there. Lilian is also Yully’s son’s godmother, a role only given to people you trust wholeheartedly.

Talking to Yully and Lilian, it’s easy to see how much they trust and care for each other. It shows in how they talk about each other and how hard they try to spend time together. The two have a brother and joke that if they don’t include him in vacation plans, he gets jealous because he doesn’t have the same tastes as them.

The two are already planning their next vacation — a weekend getaway for Labor Day. They’re not sure if their brother will get an invite, but either way, Yully and Lilian know that family always comes first. “It’s always good to find time in your busy schedule to meet up with family because at the end of the day, we only take with us the memories we have,” says Lilian.

Yully and Lilian (Purple Ruffles) Friendship between siblings: Yully Hernandez explains her sister Bond

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