Genshin Impact: Is Shenhe good for Physical DPS?

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The five-star Cryo character Shenhe has been shown to be able to increase Cryo damage with her Elemental Skills while lowering the enemy’s Cryo Resistance with her Burst move. Even with all of these add-ons adjusted to Cryo Support gameplay, she has many things that make her excellent as a Physics DPS. Looking at the various Artifacts and teamwork, Shenhe has proven to be a good Physical Attacker.

Reduced physical resistance

Shenhe is of course capable of knocking down enemies Physical resistance with her use of Elemental Burst, Divine Maiden’s Mercy. After using it, a large field spewed out from Spirit amulet which she spawns to reduce both the Cryo’s Resistance and the Physics of all opponents within. This is six percent at Talent Levels 1 and 15 percent at Talent Level 10. Gathering enemies inside the area of ​​effect Elemental explosions like Shenhe’s can be done easily with the help of Anemo characters such as Sucrose or Kazuha.

Paired with a Electro character, Shenhe can proc Superconductor against enemies to lower their Physical Resistance even further by 40 percent. Superconduct will also deal a fair amount of Cryo damage, which is further enhanced by her High Natural ATK and Elemental Burst. Raiden and Beidou can apply Electro quickly and reliably while dealing massive amounts of damage. Fischl also a character with good Electro spray but won’t deal as much damage as the Support character.

Zhongli and Rosaria are also very good choices for any Physics DPS team. Zhongli’s elemental skills, Dominus Lapidus, will cause a Gem Shield Made to reduce the Elemental and Physical Resistances of all nearby enemies by 20 percent. Rosaria’s debuffs are only available at Constellation Six when she unlocks the ability to reduce Physical Resistance. This caused her Elemental Explosion, Ending Ritual, to reduce the Physical Resistance of all enemies hit by it 20 percent. Rosaria also acts as a good source of Energy so that Shenhe can continue to use her Elemental Blast as much as possible with reduced cooldown.

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Artifacts for Physical DPS

For a Physical DPS build, Rate of Crit, Crit Damage, Physical damage, Attack, and Attack percentage are both important to provide as much damage as possible. Take Crit damage for more 150 percent and Crit Rate to over 50 percent can be a challenge so sacrificing Physical Damage for a better Crit rate might be the case. Even with these setbacks, Shenhe’s Basic Attacks and Basic Attacks will deal a lot of damage to players who want to use her as their primary DPS.

Mixed Artifacts

There are quite a few Artifacts that Shenhe can use to increase his physical damage. Pale flame and Bloodstained Chivarly2 Piece Set Bonuses both increase their physical damage 25 percent total 50 percent if equipped together. Since the bounty is high, this can eliminate the need for the Attack Percent Cup, players can go for the Attack Percent Cup instead.

Gladiator’s Finale and Shimenawa’s flashback The 2 Piece Set Bonuses both increase Attack stat 18 percent total 36 percent if equipped together. Mixing and matching these can be good to use on Shenhe as she can make good use of these bonus stats. Holding her elemental skill, Summoning the Spirit of Spring, will increase her basic attacks and stacks 15 percent also increase Cryo damage from all sources thanks to her Icy Quills.

Gladiator’s Finale

Quartet Gladiator’s Finale Set up the Attack with Attack boost 18 percent as well as increasing Shenhe’s normal physical damage 35 percent. This is the simplest set to use and farm and offers amazingly high damage. This bonus damage is a plus and is multiplied along with all other bonus damage to the total damage of Shenhe’s Basic and Basic Attacks.

Shimenawa’s flashback

While Shenhe’s Elemental Power is needed to further reduce the opponent’s Physical Resistance, the bonus from four shards Shimenawa’s flashback should not be disregarded. A full set increases Shenhe’s ATK 18 percent and increase her charged physical damage by 50 percent for 10 seconds after using her Elemental Skill in exchange for 15 energy. The mana loss makes it unlikely to use Shenhe’s Explosive Elemental, but trading up to 15 percent Physical Resistance for 50 percent Charged Physical Damage might be worth more.

Pale flame

Since Shenhe’s Elemental Skill’s cooldown is 10/15 seconds depending on whether she touches it or holds it, the four-piece bonus for this set is unattainable. If the bonus from Icy Quills counts as Shenhe using her Elemental Skills, this set could easily be her best set, however, it doesn’t and is therefore not a good choice for her.

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Some weapons cater to Shenhe’s use as a Physical DPS and can be classified by how expensive they are.

  • Crescent Pike – With 565 Attack and 34.5% Physical Damage Bonus, Crescent Pike is a great free-to-play option for players.
  • Dragonspine Spear – At 454 Attack with 69 percent Physical Damage, Dragonspine Spear is another free-to-play option for players looking to increase their Physical Damage Bonus over their base attack. The Crescent Pike is generally a better choice as it is Passive, however this weapon can cause ice pellets to drop on opponents based on Shenhe’s Attack stat.
  • fight till death – One of the Battle Pass weapons has 454 Attack and a Crit Rate of 36.8 percent. This weapon also increases Shenhe’s ATK by 32 or 48 percent depending on whether there are more or less two nearby enemies.

While Eula can use DPS Shenhe in most cases, Shenhe can scratch the Physical DPS itch that players who don’t drag Eula can get. She is happy to be both a Cryo Support or a physical DPS, and players should play her in whichever option is most fun for them.

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