Get the best Itra Burst Warzone: Layer Setup, Attachments, Perks

The best Itra Burst Warzone downloads can keep you at the top of the scoreboard on any playlist, and we’ve rounded up the most powerful Attachments and Perks needed for explosive weapons to thrive in Season 1 .

Machine guns once reigned supreme in Battlefield. While they haven’t completely taken over, the Itra Burst is well on its way to becoming a staple Assault Rifle in Caldera.

Whether you’re running it as a more agile SMG-esque build, or sticking to the Long Range Tactical Rifle style, this gun packs a punch.

With the right set of Attachments, some Handy Equipment, and the best Perks, the Itra Burst can truly shine as Warzone’s flagship rifle today. Here’s the full breakdown so you can create the strongest Itra Burst load possible.


The best download of Itra Burst Warzone

Warzone Gunsmith

Itra Burst is Warzone’s most powerful rifle today.

  • Muzzle: Increased recoil
  • Bin: Botti 300mm CXII
  • Optics: G16 2.5x
  • Share: Perfetto cushioned handle
  • Lower bin: Mark VI Skeletal
  • Magazine: 8mm Klauser 32 round drum
  • Ammo type: Prolonged
  • Rear handle: Polymer Grip
  • Privilege 1: Necessary
  • Privilege 2: Fully loaded

The Itra Burst is one of Vanguard’s more versatile guns in Warzone. Although it works best when you build towards a single goal. So here, we’ve focused on improving both accuracy and speed on a large scale.

Kicking everything is Muzzle turbocharger recoil, an essential option to help increase your fire rate. Shortening the distance between rounds is key so you always fire your next waves as soon as possible.

Next is Botti barrel 300mm CXII to enhance not only your accuracy but also bullet velocity. Speed ​​is a stat that can never be ignored in Warzone and that’s no different here with Itra Burst.

When choosing a place, it really comes down to personal preference. Although we have solved G16 2.5x Optical for a few reasons. Adding an extra level of zoom helps with longer ranged combat, but this particular scope also improves your recoil control in the process.

Warzone Gunsmith

Improving your fire rate ensures that you’ll be on par with any fully automatic AR.

The same can be said for Perfetto Padded Grip Stock, another handy attachment to keep your goals on track. You’ll need a few blasts to take out a target, so it’s important to use this Stock to minimize falter.

While accuracy is king, mobility also plays a big role in every gunfight. That’s where Mark VI Skeletal Underbarrel come to speed up ADS. There’s no point in having a strong AR if you’re slow to draw your gun in each skirmish.

Most Itra Burst magazines have too many flaws, however, 8mm Klauser 32 round drum is an exception. They offer a larger size without any significant negatives attached.

Rounding all we have Extended Ammo to once again improve bullet velocity, along with Polymer Grip . Rear Grip to completely negate any kind of flinch.

But perhaps the most important choice in the whole running build Necessary inside Perk 1 place. The damage boost is insanely strong, which means your Itra Burst can usually hit two targets from the right distance.

As the Ultimate Privilege, you can’t go wrong Fully loaded to check your ammo supply.

Best Itra Burst Warzone Setup (Perks & Equipment)

Warzone Gunsmith

Choosing the best device makes this Itra Burst download even more powerful.

  • Privilege 1: EOD
  • Privilege 2: Over necessary
  • Privilege 3: Combat Scouts (watching people through the bush)
  • Monday: MP40 (for close range combat)
  • Causing death: Frag Grenade
  • Tactic: Arouse

Sticking to the usual series of gear, this Itra Burst download in Warzone has both features EOD and Over necessary. However, unlike most builds, we chose to use Combat Scouts in the third Perk region instead.

There’s a major reason for this: Caldera’s layout. With trees and bushes all over the map, it’s easy to lose track of any given target. With Combat Scout equipment, killing an enemy will make them out of lane for a few seconds. No matter where they run, you’ll be able to keep them in your sights.

Warzone Gunsmith

The victim became the must-pick device in Caldera.

Regarding Lethals and Tacticals, you cannot mistake them for Frag Grenade and Stims respectively. The latter has seen a significant increase since Caldera’s drop, as new summoner spells increase speed along with healing.

Using these at the right time can easily win you a gunfight, especially when all it takes is a well-timed blast or two from the Itra AR.

How to Unlock Itra Burst in Warzone

Game Warzone Itra Burst

Unlocking Itra Burst only takes a while in Warzone.

To unlock Itra Burst in Warzone requires you to achieve level 16. This will only take a few hours of gameplay on any of the modes. Obviously, the process can go faster with Double XP in effect.

Take advantage of the contracts, maybe even get into a few Loot games, and you’ll hit level 16 in no time.

Itra Burst Warzone Loading Alternatives

BAR Vanguard download

Best BAR loadout is a powerful alternative to Itra Burst in Warzone.

If the rapid fire mode doesn’t work for you, then the Full Automatic Assault Rifle should be your next choice. We recommend BAR as a solid backup for Itra Burst. Not only can it match the damage output, but you also feel right at home with its ranged ability.

Use ours Final download of BAR Warzone, you will have the most complete build possible. Whether you’re falling to Caldera or Rebirth Island, powerful AR will keep you one step ahead of your competition.

So that’s our full rundown of the best Itra Burst class in Warzone right now. While it’s workable on every playlist for now, the balance updates are sure to keep AR going for the next few weeks.

Remember to check back after every major patch as we’ll be updating this download guide to reflect all of the latest deals and nerfs. In the meantime, check out some other popular Warzone downloads below:

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