Gou Manga Volume 2 Teases Happy Endings

The first volume of the Higurashi when they cry: Gou Manga hits hard, so it should be no surprise that the second one does too. In this case, however, it’s because of the hope that sometimes appears in the stories and the promise of perhaps seeing the characters truly happy.

Editor’s Note: While there will be no specific spoilers for the stories contained within Higurashi when they cry: Gou Volume 2 will contain general statements about the situation in the manga and the game.

While the first volume of the Higurashi when they cry: Gou The manga focused on Rena, Mion and Shion and set the stage for the events in Hinamizawa leading up to the Cotton Drifting Festival. The second manga stars Satoko and Rika. Given the situations both characters faced in the game, this is a wise decision. Both routes may contain more spoilers, especially with Rika.

But this also means that we really learn to better understand the nature of what is happening within us Higurashi when they cry: Gou and wonder if there is a way out until this volume. In the first entry, Satoko seems to be an enthusiastic, exuberant, opinionated, and perhaps even tsundery girl. In the first part of this second volume, we better understand what her life is like when she is away from Keiichi, Rika and their friends. We see them rallying to lift her up. It provides a sense of hope that the first volume didn’t provide, despite all the death. That said, when we reach the end of this story, it really touches the reader.

Likewise, when we get to the Rika segments, we have an idea of ​​the reality that she experiences over and over again. At this point the reader understands that this is no ordinary time loop situation. So when she tells stories where things seem to be going well or better, it’s such a powerful experience. It makes you wonder if this could be it for Rika. When she and everyone are happy. So when you see her story unfold again, you can really feel the depth and darkness again.

I honestly felt the events of volume 2 Higurashi when they cry: Gou left a bigger impression than the first ones, as Ryukishi07 and the 07th expansion now teased us with these idealized, perfect moments. After a volume with only the stories we expect Higurashi, We get this “Oh, almost” thing. But of course it had to be that way. We had to go through the early sections of Keiisuke, Rena, Mion, and Shion to better appreciate the complexity of Rika’s situation and her own experiences.

This also means that the actual ending of this volume, which is the end of this plot and this run, is a real thing Moment. The Higurashi when they cry: Gou Manga seems to promise both pain and potential. We know that after what happened in Volume 1, it will hurt in the beginning. But the stories within also suggest that there is hope, because we have seen that things are starting to go well. So when the end begins, we still wonder what if and maybe even dare to hope for the best.

Volume 1 and 2 of Higurashi when they cry: Gou Mangas are available now through Yen Press.

Isaiah Colbert

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