Governor DeSantis Introduces ‘Stop WOKE Act’ Targeting CRT Training of US Schools, Companies

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Governor Ron DeSantis is raising the bar in an effort to stem leftist upbringing in Florida.

In June, the State Board of Education to exclude, to expel Critical race theory in public schools. DeSantis also now wants to ban corporate right-wingism, in the form of legislation with the catchy name of the Stop Mistakes Against Our Children and Employees (WOKE) Act. DeSantis sign an invoice that same month, expanded civics education in schools to include a presentation on the “evils of communism and authoritarian ideologies” in direct conflict with the founding principles of USA.

“In Florida, we are taking a stand against state-recognized racism, that is the theory of race that matters,” DeSantis explain about the Stop WOKE Act.

“We will not allow Florida tax dollars to be spent teaching kids to hate our country or hate each other. We also have a responsibility to ensure that parents have the means to vindicate their rights when it comes to enforcing state standards. Finally, we must protect Florida workers against the hostile work environment created when large corporations subject their employees to CRT-inspired ‘training’ and infusion. “

The GOP governor’s office stated that the measure, if passed, would be the strongest legislation of its kind in the country and would “provide businesses, employees, children, and families with the tools to combat false teaching.” Among other things, the Stop Woke Act would bring the Ed Council rule, which could be overturned under future Democratic administration, into law.

In the event that an arrogant and politically-obsessed school board continues to be stubborn, the new measure will allow parents to sue and recover attorneys’ fees in the process, a legal term that is the right to act alone.

State education officials will also be given additional powers to hold school boards or other similarly located administrators accountable.

See Governor DeSantis’ announcement embedded below:

In announcing the initiative today in Wildwood, Fla., DeSantis explained that the awakening ideology (usually advocated by year 0 leftists and so-called equity advocates) “is an attempt to really delegitimize our history and delegitimize our institutions. I see the awakening as a form of cultural Marxism… they really want to tear down the fabric of our society and our culture, and the things that we really take for granted, like the possibility parents’ ability to guide their children’s upbringing…”

He continued: “They want to decriminalize the establishment of the country and its institutions, and they essentially want to replace it with a form of militaristic far-right that will completely destroy this country if that continues. exist. “And so we have a responsibility to stand up for the truth, to stand for what’s right, and we’re doing it, and we’ve spent more resources and focused on educating citizens, teaching people about American history, but we are also there to protect people and protect our children from some of the wicked ideologies that are trying to impose them across the country. “

“The proposed act would make clear that corporations and public sector employers violate the Florida Civil Rights Act when they require their employees to train people who espouse race or prejudice.” ​gender or scapegoat includes the theory of important race,” Fox News reported.

For example, there is no reasonable person who opposes the teaching of American history in all its aspects, good and bad. What becomes objectionable through CRT and its analogues in schools or at work (sometimes called “wake-up places”) is far-left propaganda that views the United States as unchangeable and divides the myth between the oppressors and the oppressed. No ordinary person wants to be politically harassed in the office.

In the face of derision from the business media, the “Governor of America” ​​and possible future presidential candidate DeSantis have also effectively balanced Florida’s public health needs with economic considerations. health and education as well as protect individual liberties, privacy, and freedom of expression. Furthermore, it is also documented that he is in favor of vaccines and treatments, but staunchly against the mandate.

As a result, Americans from all over the country are moving to the free state of Florida.

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